Friday, 29 October 2010

Style Budget Special Week - Day 5 Winners & Losers

After a long week of number crunching and economic retention, I feel like I've got my house in order. In the midst of it all a bit of a pickle erupted. Some silly men got all hot about the collar and full of testosterone in a real Apprentice manner. These men (and one woman) are CEO's who wrote to The Telegraph in their personal capacity but then added their company name and title.

I don't want to get into the whys and wherefores of the cuts nor the degree of necessity but it does gall me when well off people have the audacity to interfere in political matters. Can you imagine a letter like this being published by shop assistants? I'm sure they are hob nobbing behind the scenes and quaffing champers not cava but please do not publicly rub it in our faces. You can read the list by clicking through on the link above but suffice it to say I'm joining a growing ground swell of people who are boycotting the businesses.

It is not easy to do and probably will not be successful but I have to have a clear conscience. I have strong moral views when it comes to riches and the distribution of wealth. As I child I never paid any attention nor read the New Testament even when I was supposed to but one story captured my imagination and that was the parable of Lazarus and the Rich man. You can tell how rubbish I am as I relied on Wikepedia. And that folks is why I rather stay away from Percy Pigs than choke on one. Why did M&S do such a plonkerish thing just when they were getting good again. And ASOS - what were they thinking of! Now you know why I plummed for the designer category - they are openly mad and bad!

In my book all the above are losers. But the good new is their loss is my gain (purse wise) and even better news is there are four winners of the my987wardrobe giveaway are:-

I have too many shoes

A handful of dust

Delicious Indust


Please email me with your size and address so the lovely Laura can send you your dresses!

And next week it is back to fun and frivolity and what Balenciaga sent me and why....


  1. Yay! I never win anything and after a week of freelancing somewhere that has blocked internet access, what a lovely surprise!

  2. Congratulations to the winners.
    Have a super weekend.
    Un abrazo from Spain.

  3. Hi my dear-have really enjoyed this weeks posts, very informative, full of fabulous tips and I can't wait to see what Balenciaga sent you.....!! x

  4. Dear Kate, ditto. I've really enjoyed this week too. I like posts that make me think and anything to save money is always welcome!

    The boycotting businesses link isn't working. I'll try back later.

    Oooh Balenciaga! I'm hoping it's exciting. Have a great day xx

  5. Yup, the link isn't working for me either.

    Look at you tantalising us all with the sneaky Balenciaga mention at the end!! Intriguing...

  6. Kate please can you send me the link it wont work for me and I need to see why I cant eat percy pigs! x

  7. Goodness! Thank you- what a lovely surprize- have never won anything before! You have made my day twice now!

  8. Sorry about link it was a twitter page maybe that is why. I've edited to the facebook page if anyone is interested.!/home.php?sk=group_161016810599840&ap=1

  9. Don't despair, Swizzles Matlow do Pig Mugs, a cheap alternative to Percy Pigs available from Poundland (not on the bad boy list) and you get more for your money!
    Great series this week, Kate. Thoroughly enjoyed reading every post. xxx

  10. I shall click on the link, I am intrigued as to what is going on with M&S and Asos.

  11. Wow, thank you very much I'm so chuffed! I have started planning my giveaway, thought I may be able to pick up some pre-Xmas sales bargains!

  12. thank you so much, I never win anything either,so it is much appreciated. :)


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