Sunday, 24 October 2010

Make Do Magic

The C word is creeping up quicker than you'd care to think. This week I remind you that it is about giving and not about showing off. Children love a big haul but grown ups should err towards the understated. Hampers and magazine subscriptions are my favourites.

Forward planning is key to a Christmas hamper, as you can spread the cost over the whole year. I buy wrapping paper after Christmas when it is in the sales. I keep all my cards and then cut them up to make gift tags. I buy the baskets at IKEA and then each month fill them up with goodies. My favourite buys are nice soaps, body stuff, lip balms, and tins of great things from Harvey Nicks, Fortnums and Selfridges. I also pop into Marc by Marc Jacobs on Mount St for little nick nacks. Books can also make an appearence usual travel related to somewhere that person loves to go. And that is it - simples.

Keeping it simple brings pleasure. I know my family rely on me for my Christmas hampers. And choose well and the items become a feature. My sister has kept this spaghetti caddy tin for years.


  1. Love that Tin! I do the same as you and grab my wrapping paper in the Sales, I always get mine in Boots, they do a great reduction and I get the kids cards at the same time. I also buy my Xmas puddings and my chestnuts in jars when they are reduced and have all that ready for this year!

  2. I love your ideas! :)
    That Spaghetti Pasta case is a nice gift idea.

    Have a good one!

  3. I love that spaghetti tin, some of my male friends are mods and would really appreciate it as a gift. xxx

  4. Hi there-yes, Christmas is not far away and some great tips here to get started too! xx

  5. I agree. I have started giving more and more tickets for plays etc, as I think it is nice to have something to do with the person after Christmas - it includes the gift of your time as well as the actual event, which is something we often don't make time for x

  6. Hi there,

    What lovely ideas for gifts, sounds like you've got it all sorted. I must admit I am a bit of a humbug when it comes to christmas but I am looking forward to this year, being in the mountains, no christmas shopping frenzies and no family hassles!! Bliss.

    e xxx

  7. Dear Kate, the HN packaging is so stylish and I love anything from Fortnum's too. I am compiling lists at the moment. The Actor hates to talk about Christmas but I love to plan it early xx

  8. Way to make pasta even more chic than it already is!

  9. A woman after my own heart :) I put lots of thought into my presents - they don't always run along the hamper theme but I try my best to pick things that I know they'll like.


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