Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hitting the G-spot with the Make Do Style Diet

The wonderful Rachel - for it is her that is the words of wisdom, forsooth on the Make Do Style Diet, is imparting even more gems if you are on for an update of useful information that doesn't have you on some pitiful restrictive diet!

Mrs MDS has a confession to make. Don't tell Rachel okay as she will laugh and then reproach me. In the spirit of old school journalism and research I tried the Dukon Diet. OMG I lasted a week, that is all I could take. I only had 3 days on the protein only attack thing and then went into cruise mode. It was awful. Now I know why I never diet. All this restrictive or x food only diet stuff is ..well quite frankly shite. Yes you can tell me I'm such and such blood group, yes we were once cavemen that only ate berries and hunted meat but guess what we've moved on!

In fact science has moved on and despite the many weirdy quasi sports/nutrition geeks out there who will tell us what we used to eat in a cultural context, it is usually based on commercial sales to fill a void. Basically there are lots of new thoughts on genetic development, mutations, physical anthropology and evolution and any diet can cherry pick which bit of science or research. Nothing is set in stone and btw caveman died at an average age of 30.

Over to the wise words of Rachel...

TOWIE recently touted the “no carbs before Marbs” rule as a quick way to lose weight and get that bikini body. There has been much discussion about the merits (or not) of reducing carbs and eating a diet high in protein in order to lose weight quickly – notably Atkins and Dukan – and, it has to be said, in the short term this does work up to a point, but really, do you want to live without what we consider to be “normal” food such as fruit, bread or potatoes? The Make Do Diet will help you understand why carbs get such bad press, and what it is about the high-protein diet that helps your body.

1. It’s all about QUALITY and not QUANTITY – much like Animal Farm, not all carbs are equal, and unfortunately, in a society where cheap food full of Trans fats, processed sugars and little nutrition is everywhere you need to be savvy in your choice of what carbs you eat.

2. The Gspot – it’s all about getting that high you know!! Or in the case of this, getting the the best possible way. So, some carbs release into your body at an alarming rate (think of water going through a colander) – this affects the level of sugar in your blood stream, and you body, ever conscious to keep harmony, will immediately pour on insulin to calm down the sugar rush.

3. Insulin is a great little hormone that helps control glucose levels and synthesising fat...but it also wields its power with a sweeping hand and often over reduces sugar in the bloodstream too much which then makes the body crave more sugar...and guess what, when the body wants sugar it will make you seek it out, find it, devour it like a lion searches for its prey.

4. Pressing that insulin button with high sugar fixes and little exercise will encourage your body to rely (or even become “addicted” to sugar) and will not help you shift that weight. Worse, a side effect of insulin happens as it is working...cos when it is working, it stops your body burring fat...yep, when you eat lots of high sugar foods, you CAN’T burn fat at the same keep sugar levels low.

5. So, get ready to understand that we need to seek out carbs that have slow release (much like trying to drain custard through a t-shirt..) which will help stop us spiking our sugar levels – this is called the “Glycaemic Index” or GI as it most commonly know – or G spot as we will call it!

6. Exercise is also going to play a part, as you have found out already, 30 mins a day makes a difference, and what happens is that as we start to exercise, insulin stimulates the release of glucose (sugar) into our bloodstream, but once we have been exercising for a while, the sugar levels drop and the body then reduces insulin which then makes us burn fat – yes, FAT. The side effects from burning fat (apart from getting rid of the stuff) is both heat and you will need to now up your level of exercise until you start to get pink in the face and sweat – and it has to be over 20 mins.

7. Swap Shop – so, in order to get to the G spot, here are examples of how to reduce the sugar highs (or even buy a book to help you out) and keep your body ticking over nicely burning fat as you go about your daily life. xx

Items that have high sugar levels - eat sparingly, with other low foods and make sure you exercise on the days that you eat these!
Moderate levels of sugar, but still go easy. Think about having your meal with these items...and keep your sugar levels down.Sawp Boiled Potatoes/baked potatoes for Rice/long grain rice/pasta or even better have salad – inc lots of dark green veg such as spinach and green peppers. Plus add a sprinkling of seedsswap.
Bagels for Wholemeal muffins – get from health food shop or make your own even better.
Yogurt and fruit such as grapes, peach, and apple.

This is delicious - and it is made by the wonderful Rachel's Dairy (also based in Aberystwyth!)

Swap Baguettes for French baguette or evn betterWholemeal organic bread – esp. spelt or rye
Cheerio’s/Cornflakes/sugar puffs for Bran flakes or Make your own muesli with a mixture of grains, nuts, seeds and oats
Swap Chocolate for M&Ms (!) or even better Darker chocolate with
high concentration – eat in small amounts – or have a square with your espresso...

PS I loved the M&M's info, it is the peanut ones of course. I had to tweet Rachel for clarification...had to put the tub of choc ones back!

Oh yes you can have these!! (Well if needs must.. ssshh)

PPS... if Rachel picks on me ref the M&M's it is because Daniel Craig married the wrong Rachel.


  1. I don't do diets...but I love Rachel's yogurt

  2. Some good stuff there. But I can't do diets- I much prefer to just work it out, and eat healthy all the time, with some chocolate here and there- cuz otherwise I'd just go crazy! :D

  3. Filipa - of course that is the point of the Make Do Diet - it isn't a diet but options and choices with exercise to help.

  4. I can't believe you tried the Dukan, was that Mrs Fab encouraging you? Eat less and move more has always been my motto - excuse me while I stuff my face with a cupcake and go for a 5K run.....

  5. Good luck! I think you looked quite fab in your bar and knickers, but getting fit and healthy is exciting! It's so encouraging to see how quickly the body changes. I've always been a skinny minny, but I really wanted to tone up this summer (skinny people get cellulite too) so have been taking spin and sculpt class and, my god, now I feel like a flippin' action-hero.

    I have also drastically cut down on sugar (I was a fiend before), more for emotional reasons than physical, and this, I feel, was a very good thing to do. I was convinced by reading this lady's views on the subject.
    (I especially like that she replaces sugar with high-fat stuff like cheese. I love, love cheese.)

  6. You lightweight, can't believe thats all you could manage! I'm sure healthy eating and excercise is fine for those only needing to lose a couple of pounds but for some, more drastic measures are needed but once out of attack, you can eat veg & salad on the cruise phase and once at goal weight everything else is introduced and that is something I can't wait for!

  7. Hi Annemarie - thank you for the link. Yes to cheese, I prefer to sugar xx

  8. I had a go at the Dukan to get into a dress. I found it really dull and very difficult. I don't think I could ever last that long on something so restrictive xx

  9. I've decided I can't do restrictive diets anymore, and am going to take up running (a source of amusement to Mr B). I'm also going to look at portion sizes and veg intake etc, but it's not just about weight loss - I'm just not as healthy as I'd like to be. xx


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