Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Road Trip

Not a Route 66 road trip I hasten to add. Nope, a good old fashioned M4 number. Honestly I've been up and down the M4 most of my life given I was born in South Wales, moved to Bristol, then London, back to Bristol (a brief few years at uni in Norwich), then London, Bristol, Aberystwyth (for a couple of years, miles away I know), Swansea, Bristol & London. Bonkers. My parents have now moved from Bristol to London, well Home Counties but north west London. Mr MDS's parents live in Bath and most of our family and friends are still deposited in Wales and Bristol. He is also a M4 shuffler , Cardiff, London, Bristol, London, Bristol & London - we were destined to do it together!

Reading service station is my favourite stop and failing that Leigh Delamare. I often do hand overs of petit garcon at Cheiveley services. I never stop at Membury unless desperate, nor any of the services on M4 in Wales as they are all off from the motorway. Yesterday I found myself on route for Swansea via Bath to drop the petit garcon off as I was going to a funeral to accompany my mother. It was her cousin who was 90 and therefore had lived a full and proper life. Her husband is still alive and he was an RAF pilot in the war, he was a splendid host at the wake and I actually had a lovely time listening to people talking about their lives. Also I got to see one of my cousins who was going off to see Rod Stewart at the Liberty stadium that evening. Which set me off on how much I hated 'We are Sailing' as a child. I loathed that song. My next biggest loathe was Mull of Kintyre. The petit garcon is following in my footsteps as his most loathed song last year was Katy Perry's California Gurls. A bit of gossip but my cousin used to go out with Keith Allen! Her father was furious as he had just come out of borstal. Years later I reunited them at the premier party for Twin Town. I'd never met Keith until then and it was also before Lily became famous. It was a film made before a lot of the acting crew were famous, i.e. Rhys Ifans and Dougray Scott to name two.

I had to drive back to Bath to stay the night and then set off from Bath to home this morning. Ah the joys of travelling up and down the M4.

Mrs MDS's place of birth, not the M4, nor junction 33 but Barry! The only people who appreciate this fact are Gavin & Stacey fans.

The Severn Crossing, an amazing bridge and feat of engineering. It is more impressive as you drive into Wales or seen from the train in or out of Newport.

Beautiful Bath

Mrs MDS's breakfast of choice on the road.

My willing accomplish (in part)

Lovely allotment produce courtesy of grandparents


  1. Hi there!! Lovely pictures, sounds like you're having a great time too! xx

  2. I should probably tweet or DM you this info but Erdem sale was amazing - and had proper sizes in everything up to 16. Tops £130, Dress £200, scarves started £50 but these had sold out and a few pairs of Jimmy Choo for £200 left over from catwalk shoes.....Sale still on tomorrow with fresh stock

  3. REally enjoyed your motorway post and how cute is your PG? Mignon. Adorable.

  4. I love Bath. The vegetables from the grandparents look fantastic! PG is sooo cute xx


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