Saturday, 4 June 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

I was heartily cheered by news that Marc Bolland is going to rid M&S of it's silly lines. I will be the first in line to cheer the demise of the ridiculous Per Una. However, I do hope the ethos of some of the design attributes of Autograph and Limited Collection are retained. M&S's biggest problems are its overstocking of stores and the cut of clothes. They need some new templates or better ratios.

But for all M&S's faults they always manage to turn up trumps on things. I love this bag. It is a little bit Marc by Marc Jacobs and looks very useful if like me you carry lots of 'crap'. I feel the need for this bag in my life.


  1. Marks and Sparks are often spot on with their bags and that duffle is fabulous.
    I can't bear Per Una but it is hugely popular up here in the unfashionable Midlands. It seems a bit daft to discontinue a range that so many women love. xxx

  2. I don't know anything about fashion, other than the M&S in Greenock is filled with clothes that very old ladies would wear. It's depressing. Yet - it must sell!! Wee old ladies need to have somewhere to shop ;-)

    Love the bag - really, really nice!

    Ali x

  3. What a great bag!!! And love your blog new style.

    Have a nice weekend!!!


  4. Hi there-I'm not a lover of Per Una and see a glut of it in the charity shops, so maybe its not as popular as it once was!! xx

  5. i love the nautical trend. great pick!

  6. Whenever I go into M&S with my (rather stylish) mother, she masochistically walks through Per Una. She then prods the Per Una and mutters things like 'why does it have that ridiculous necklace?', 'those colours- why??' and 'ugh, weird ruffles' (what's WITH the cheap-looking ruffles?) Hyper-matched behemoth of lazy, frumpy fashion.

    I totally agree that Limited Collection is so much better. I can't believe the two lines are from the same brand: one is lazy, frumpy and instantly recognisable as 'M&S' (ie with all the frumpy associations)- the other is classic and could be worn by a woman of any age, build etc' integrated into their wardrobe.

  7. Soo lovely!

    Maybe you'd like to follow each other? :)


  8. Per Una is way too full of whacky colours and ruffles and beads and crap for my liking. My mum does have the odd nice top from there but it's not often she sees something she likes and she's probably in their target audience.

    I love Limited Collection shoes and lingerie - surprisingly cheap and mostly really decent styles.

  9. I need that bag in my life too, I am a carrier of too much crap too. I'm interested to see what M&S changes are ahead, I usually walk straight through clothing, check out the shoes then go straight to the food hall. xx

  10. I thought Marc Bolan was dead? Nice bag though!


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