Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Revolution? Nah, Take That ..and Party!

It seemed only yesterday that Mrs MDS first saw Take That in 1993 when it was all screaming girls. I felt too old at the time as I had a mortgage, a job in radio, responsibilities and a Renault 5 with the number plate C123WAD. It had a radio and played cassettes, mainly my dance tracks & anthems. I wasn't to get a mobile phone until 1997 (and I've had the same number ever since!) I was just growing out of raves, clubbing and all manner of loud music. I was championing Paul Weller on one of the radio programmes I produced and a friend had introduced me to Oasis.

But when I first saw Take That, although they didn't replaced in my affection my then current favourite band Diffiniad, I loved them. Diffiniad actually opened their set at the 1993 Eisteddfod at Builth Wells with 'Could it be magic' and 'Everything Changes but You' was brilliant for driving and singing along to so I was very happy. This time frame is only relevant because on Christmas Eve 1994, five of us were out in the local pub drinking and saying which member of Take That we'd marry! I willingly choose Gary Barlow which was greeted with drunken laughter, however last night reunited with 2 of the original 5 (one of which is my sister) and guess what they all want Gary now! And it was Gary who said on stage in a sagely way '15 years, 15 bloody years' I was too far away to correct him and say actually 16 - as it was 1995 when Robbie pushed off.

And 15,16 or 17 years bring a big difference. For one I'm no longer driving a Renault 5, I have a cd player in the car plus I now pack my own sarnies! I think then the most I ever had to hand was gum or a pack of marlboro lights. It was obvious to me my rock chic past was well and truly over.

I made yet another road trip along the M4, stopped at Leigh Delamare on the way there. Managed to park the car in perfect place by waiting until there was a space - patience! Cardiff is such a fab place to go and see bands, ok so I could only get tickets for Cardiff but I was happy with that. When we rocked up at the Millennium stadium, (after I had ate my sandwiches in the car, and met the girls in Pizza Express) the Pet Shop Boys were playing. It was a good set and enjoyable, actually I think it was the first time I'd sat and listened to them at a live venue!

We had sunshine, warmth and the build up was filled with hilarity and stupidity.

And then the show started. It was fantastic. I wasn't sure if I would be as excited as I found myself in the same stadium in 2006 when they toured again. But OMG when Robbie came on I went mental. Honestly he was ace, he is such a performer and I pitied the poor people behind and in front. The whole set was stunning, the songs were fab and the costumes and choreography was excellent.

Howard & Jason's moves were amazing. Howard was wearing a white jumpsuit/harem pant number and looked amazing dancing that all of us dumped Gary right then and there! It was hilarious and for one moment I thought their testosterone levels would lead them to have a punch up with Robbie (he is still the consummate show off!) They all seemed so grown up too, in fact poor Mark Owen looked quite worn (out). Progress really was a show of coming of age and actually it didn't feel that bad to no longer have those marlboro lights I once loved so much!

Yep, moi going for it. I lost my voice and was rather sweaty from dancing. On the way back to the car, there were a band of a bout 12 people and some tents outside Cardiff Castle with a badly painted 'Revolution' board. As I was walking past, a couple of women were talking and on seeing this band of revolution one quipped (read this in a Cardiff accent if you can) 'We''ll see how revolutionary they are in December' and carried on walking, talking without taking a breath. It did seem to me that they looked like people from another time, quite 1990s New Age Travellers and out of touch, it seemed sad and not revolutionary on any level.

Then back on the road, home. When I saw the London 120 miles sign I sighed, sucked it up and kept driving and ruining my voice more with really bad singing but I was having my own party!


  1. Looks like you had a great time :) nothing better than watching a live band. Never been a TT fan myslef but my youngest sister loves them, she's just watched them in Manchester and said it was fantstic

  2. My friend was a Gary fan. I'm afraid I was always a Bon Jovi girl, and TT passed me by- this totally mystified all my chums.

    I work with one of the UKs best Gary impersonators funnily enough! Doesn't look like him but sounds like him!

  3. Oh the shame of it - I liked Mark! I was a proper child at the time though so I don't really think my taste in boys was properly formed at the time. It's Gary all the way now.

  4. Looks like you had a brilliant time! At least you went with a gang - when I went to see Depeche Mode at Wembley I had to go alone...

  5. I was too old for Take That (and they were a bit too clean cut for my weird taste in men) so the whole thing passed me by but I think they were a million times better than the likes of Boyzone as they did some danceable stuff, if a bit cheesey.
    That looks a huge gig. I glad you had fun. xxx

  6. Love Robbie too. I only know his solo career (have Angels on my iPod) but the evening sounds like a blast.

  7. Looks fab I do like a bit of TT, I cant remember the last concert I went too!

  8. Happy days!! Hey if people behind and in front of you didn't like you going nuts at a concert then sod them - they could always ask for a refund "there's a woman actually dancing in there!" - pffffttt! Hehe! I so rarely go out now that when I do a music festival, I go completely nuts and I'm a total embarrassment - weeeeee!!! xo

  9. It looks brilliant! I saw them at the BRITS years ago and they were great but I'm a bit too old for them first time round xx


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