Thursday, 23 June 2011

My top 3 sun products

Despite the fact the UK has been under a deluge of rain, in my heart of hearts I believe our summer is just around the corner. Anyway if your off on holiday then sun care products are a must if it is hot climates you are off too.

Mrs MDS is of course supporting her film script writing with being an independant skin care & beauty consultant for Arbonne. Arbonne is a Swiss formulated product company and now has the ex Aveda man Dr Peter Matravers as its head of research and development. At one time, when Mrs MDS first started working after Uni, he was one of the team behind Neutragena and we used to get tons of free sample at the magazine I worked on. I was in love with the Sesame seed oil which you can't get in the UK now. It was fabulous for legs and I still request it when folks go to the US.

The reason I'm an Arbonne consultant is the fact I can earn commission on product sales and I love their clean green products. Their ranges are suitable for vegans and have worked wonders for the poor petit garcon with his eczema. Their baby range is brilliant and suitable for children. My favourite bit is when I make my monthly purchases because I get points and points make prizes. As a consultant you commit to making a monthly purchase approx £70 but I used to spend over that each month due to getting bedazzled by items in either Boots, John Lewis or Space NK. I have actually saved money and have lovely products even my shower gel is superior!

There is of course the inevitable business builder aspect if you want to make serious money but I'm pretty lack lustre about this in terms of will and commitment. I like running my shop most of all!

In my shop I can recommend 3 wonderful products that will see you safely through the summer.
My number one pick is the Renewing Body Gelee (rrp £32.00). It is in the Arbonne Detox Spa range (which is now available at Urban Retreat in Harrods but don't give money to them buy from me!!) The Gelee is wonderful and is particularly fantastic for putting on the skin after being in the sun. I also use it once a week and after going to the gym or for a swim. It truly nourishes and hydrates the skin and is wonderful. The whole spa range is a dream.

At number 2 is the Lip saver with SPF 30 (rrp £7.00) and I use it everyday to keep my lips protected and moisturised. They are in fabulous condition from it and at £7 it is a beauty bonus bargain.

The third product is the Damage Control, water resistant Sun screen factor 30 (rrp £32.00). I have to be honest my favourite sun cream is La Roche-Posay Anthelios factor 50. I would put the Arbonne one at a close second in terms of the product. It is better in respect of its green credentials and probably superior with the Swiss formulation but I prefer the packaging of La Roche-Posey and ease of use - I know stupid, but old habits...! But I'm sticking this year to Damage Control (great name in terms of does what it says on tin) because I want to compare the results. It goes on very well and smells nice, always a requirement. If you want pure vegan then it is the best.

If you are in the UK, Canada, US or Australia then you can buy Arbonne products online from me. All you need to do is put in my id number 441023472. If you do buy then let me know as each month I will be giving away an Arbonne product.

Arbonne offers great discounts to people who becoem preferred clients 20% of on all products for 12 months for a £18 fee. A consultant gets 35% off on all products for an initial £74 joining fee and then an annual rejoin fee of £12. I'm happy to answer any questions about the pros and cons of either. My email address is


  1. ooh how fascinating....always loved Aveda, will have to look into this!!

  2. Er wasn't you going to send me some samples once? Well I want them even more now, it all sounds good especially the Gelee....

  3. I'll have to make a note of these!

  4. Sounds great. I must let some of my veggie friends know, they're always looking for green products xx


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