Wednesday, 1 February 2012

An affair to remember

It is an incredible enduring story that finds itself referenced across a multitude of films, stories and news items many many years after the event. The affair of Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor and of course Wallis Simpson. My only interest in Wallis Simpson is purely to do with her personal style. I have even been tempted to see Madonna's W.E. just to have a moment of costume heaven. But a friend of mine who went for the same reason didn't last until the end so I will wait until it appears on television so I can Sky+ it and fast forward as required!

 I never tire of her images although I do consider her quite loathsome although Anna Sebba's That Woman is a good read even though you think you know most of her story anyway. It is the way she wore jewellery so well, in fact exceeding well that fascinates me. It washer ability to wear ornate piece and make it look effortless. The fact she would pile it on and it would look effective and simple.

 Photo: Cecil Beaton Studio archive at Sotheby's from The Telegraph

A brooch from the Sotheby's auction of the Duchess of Windsor's jewellery

When I saw this piece in the Stella and Dot design studio I drew breath as it immediately reminded me of Simpson and the 1930s. It is currently a preview of what will be the Autumn Winter 12/13 jewellery collection but for me it is a must have piece, my own little love affair. I'd better get saving those pennies or find myself a Duke of Windsor, I'm not sure Mr MDS wants to play that role!

PS There is less expensive version which is the panther pendant and is a great everyday piece to wear.


  1. Hi my dear! The panther necklace is fabulous x

  2. Simpson did have great style. I really love the '30s looks.

  3. Love anything to do with this story... may go to cinema anyway (good excuse to indulge in some ben and jerry's ice cream)

    Also loving the panther.... ggrrrrrr

  4. I wrote about Wallis for a piece I did waaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was a Fashion Student. She really wore couture well to make the most of her figure. As for her jewels Ah-Mazing no paste for her but the real deal for every day wear *sigh*. Shame I can't find a Duke


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