Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dressing it up - Valentine's

 I know some folks think it is commercial tosh but there is something endearing about expressing love in all forms even on just one day. We embrace Valentine's in our house with gusto. Why the petit garcon sent 3 cards. Two in the post and one I delivered by hand. There must be something in the act of generosity as he did receive one card and it brought him so much joy.

Given the financial constraints many of us are adjusting to and experiencing I'm sure we were not alone in staying in. But that was no reason not to dress up and create an intimate setting. It was typical fayre as Mr MDS was cooking steak, bearnaise sauce, a posh lettuce and chunky chips. Desert was ice cream and raspberries. No flower, chocolates or pink fizz but we had a nice bottle of red. I was treated to my earrings which was very nice of him an much appreciated.

 H&M conscious collection dress, M&S tights, shoes from a shop in Copenhagen in 2003, earrings Valentina from Stella&Dot

 Self portrait of the earrings!

 The table was dressed up in a bistro style but I added our Tiffany candlesticks to give a touch of class for the dinner for two...ahem except halfway through a little gooseberry appeared. And of course as we love him so much we were soft and let him stay and gave him a bowl of ice cream. Spreading the love.


  1. Ah bless him, so cute! We don't do anything, boring sods we are!

  2. Awww how sweet. Your evening sounded perfect. Much the same in my house ... ;-) excepting for the wee one ... my weeniest is now 11 but we all had dinner together.

  3. ... and I did a bunch of roses and chocolates though.

  4. How lovely! He's such a little sweetie and you look fab, those earrings are stunners. x

  5. Looks fantastic. The dinner sounded delightful.

  6. We had corned beef hash and watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. We don't go overboard on sentiment in this northern house!!

  7. So cute! I'm doing a Valentine's giveaway on my blog, hope you check it out!


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