Monday, 20 February 2012

Boden Allowance

Last Friday I drove miles and miles from London to Aberystwyth. It was a long overdue visit to a place I used to live. It really was the Wild West of Wales with driving rain and mist once I'd got past Swansea -I had to do a detour to drop the petit garcon off in Bridgend, short story his grandparents were there for weekend. My arrival in Aberystwyth was wet not the bathed in sunshine and glory I had hoped for!

Still a good time was had by all mainly at the newest and possible the best ever addition to the town ultracomida Seriously it is the best place I have ever been to in the UK.

Best olives ever!
What was to become our midnight feast

That night after meeting with friends and hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show which was great fun I stayed with my friend Rachel at her gorgeous house in Borth.

My view at 7am from the bedroom - there were two guys out in it surfing!

We had a late supper and of course started on the wine! Earlier in the evening I said I liked the stripy tunic that Rachel was wearing.This was met with hoots of laughter by one and all as it was from Boden! My universal fear of Boden is well known.

To cut to the point Rachel took me on a tour of the Boden catalogue and refilled my wine glass and that was how we found ourselves at midnight discussing and choosing items from Boden and listening to Smooth radio, where once we would have been talking boys and listening to Massive Attack!
I now have a Boden wishlist. I'm going to attest that all the items are stylish and trendy and can be clarified as useful for my yummy mummy life - oh heck Johnnie I''m yours!

Still I learnt something far more important than my fashion whims...Friends and Food are the best things in life xx


  1. nothing better than hanging with friends x

  2. Aberystwyth resembles West Coast of Scotland!

    Except we don't have such a yummy shop. And ONE packet of crisps for the midnight snack?! Surely not?!

    Ali x

  3. Olives, crisps and wine with friends, nothing beats that! x

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend!xx

  5. So true about food and friends, I'm off out for an indian with mine on wednesday x

  6. Sounds ace! Can't wait to see your Boden selection... X


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