Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cupids 7 glorious gifts - love and the Single Girl

I should have started a countdown to Valentine's Day on the 1st of February but I thought you might all want to strangle me by the 13th! Instead to temper my enthusiasm of promoting my wares with a modicum of restraint I'm posting a week of  Cupids 7 glorious gifts instead. To kick the series off I'm starting with love and the single girl!

When I was a single girl I refused to feel left out or hopeful on Valentine's Day. It isn't a romantic novel whereby a longed for lover appears bearing flowers, gifts and declarations of intent. In reality it has become a commercial opportunity. It is a lovely day if you are with someone as it so nice to make the effort to enjoy each other and celebrate your time together. Nothing could be simpler or nicer.

But if you are a single girl there are things you can do to celebrate your love for you! I once sent myself flowers to work. Of course everyone was intrigued and I merely smiled and probably blushed at one point but it changed the nature of the day and it isn't just about romance.

I wouldn't send myself flowers now instead I would select this necklace from my Stella and Dot website. Who knows when Cupids arrow will strike - a single girl needs to look good!

Shipping schedule: standard delivery guaranteed before 11am on Thursday February 9th. Express delivery is available until 11am on Monday February 13th.


  1. That is really lovely, stop tempting me to spend money LOL!

  2. Hi my dear-thats a really cute statement piece for Valentines!! And yes, freezing I was, but overdue for an outfit post, hehe!!


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