Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Style direction

The current weather which is roughly how cold can it get, is a complete pain when it comes to your wardrobe and getting dressed. The temptation is to give up on the style stakes and I have to confess to over the weekend practically living in my ski gear, only my Moncler coat keeps me looking vaguely as if I care about my appearance.

But thankfully fellow blogger That's Not My Age gave me a veritable kick up the styling backside with her simple grey sweatshirt post. I happened to start the day at 6:30am under the duvet waiting for Mr MDS to get his butt out of the shower with my iPad. I love a quick read of a morn and this was my most motivational one of the week. Why I was ironing by 7am after I'd reclaimed my American Apparel grey sweatshirt from the gym pile. It is back in the fashion pile again.

Of course I took a photo to tweet to Mrs TNMA and thank her for her style inspiration. My photos haven't improved mind you.

Grey sweatshirt American Apparel, Skinny jeans Cherry Oasis, Knee high flat boots Autograph M&S, black watch Emporio Armani (Christmas present 2 years ago from the petit garcon), bracelet Harlow bangle & necklace Hermatite link chain both Stella & Dot


  1. Hi my dear-a perfect style staple, I am definitely going to hunt one out, it will go with all my different style jeans! thanks for the tweet, did reply! xx

  2. It looks fab and that shade of grey is gorgeous with your blonde hair. I bet it would look wonderful with that stunning Stella and Dot blue & gold choker in your side bar. x

  3. The weather is so horrible, makes me wanna cry! and it makes dressing up a pain

  4. LOL I have been living in my snow boarding gear with this cold snap. Really cannot be bothered to have any style mojo when I can't feel my fingers and toes in the morning.

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