Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Skirting the issue

As much as I have to make a massive effort this year to clear my student debts completely, I cannot do another post peddling my wares (well I'll have to do one later!). Pearl of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom and I could bore Britain with our educational sacrifices and the worth of it all despite our student debts. Which reminds me don't forget to vote for Pearl in the Company Style Blogger Awards.

Ironically both Pearl and I were awarded our PHd and MA respectively in the worst economic times. My employment options are further confounded by the delightful petit garcon and then personally I have no idea how I would work for a company as I have been freelance for so long. I'm lucky that a couple of my clients love me so much they indulge my desire to look after the petit as my first priority whilst understanding I need to earn some money. Therefore I work from home with the occasional venture into central London for style assignments. This year I set myself the tough task of clearing the remainder of my student debt. I self funded my course fees, the course and all my living expenses. I minimised the debt by a few big styling jobs but in short I hammered a credit card. It is this credit card which I need to tackle now rather than the minimum payment option.

Stella and Dot as an additional source of income has been a lifeline, more so to do with the social nature of it. I try to work twice a week with a jewellery trunk show and it is like going out!. It is hard work and effort but when I get paid weekly the difference it makes is enormous. Hence my peddling of my wares.

Even when I'm in my hard work mode I do need a break and there is one fashion garment that always lifts my spirits - the skirt! A skirt is often the hardest garment to pull off but when you do the joy is next to nothing (in my world). I love a frock but they are the easiest item to throw on and then complete the look with. A skirt is an issue - a style conundrum. You can kill a skirt by getting it wrong. When you wear a skirt it is the main feature, everything else is merely the chorus.

This coming season's offering are a wow! Lots of print, pencil, a-line and full skirt frippery. From short to maxi the choice is enormous. Here are some of the emerging high st offerings and this is only the start...

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  1. I LOVE skirts - next to dresses, skirts and jumpers are what I reach for every season.
    All the best with the £££££££!


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