Friday, 19 October 2012

10 things I didn't know would happen with a dog

When I foolishly listened to the petit garcon and ceded to his plea for a puppy, other than the practicalities of walking, dog food, pet insurance, vet fees for jabs and sundries like bedding stuff, I really had no idea what it would be like.

1. I never knew that the dog we got, Patches Valentino, would become so fond of me. He loves and adores me and now I know why homeless people and drug addicts have dogs. They really are company and devoted company to boot.

2. I would know the names of around 20 dogs but not a single name of the owner.

3. That Wilkinson is the best place to buy doggie poo bags. Wilkinson is the new improved better Woolworths but this fact is a separate post to come!

4. That dogs are super playmates. When you are the youngest child you have nothing to look after or boss around and your dog fits that bill perfectly.

5. That there is a whole industry built around dogs - dog walkers, dog groomers, dog holidays, dog clothes, accessories, toys - you name it there is a doggy version.

6. That some dogs i.e. my dog is a cartoon dog come to life. He chews socks, buries bones, digs for things and like sticks. Often people call him Snowy as he looks like Snowy from Tintin. I loved Tintin books and always wanted Snowy as a child. The petit garcon has a cuddly toy he has had from birth called Snowy (who is slightly grey now and due for a wash) so it is amazing that we have ended up with a real life Snowy.

7.  That walking the dog would be such an enjoyable experience. It really it a necessity come what may and surprisingly it is a real bonus for your health and happiness. There is a lot of pleasure to be derived from a walk and I feel safe and secure with the dog.

8. You talk to strangers a lot. I thought I was a bit of a Welsh windbag when it came to striking up conversations quite happily in any situation but now I have all these people who talk to ME! All because of the dog. My engagement with society has broadened. I had no idea there were all these people who loved dogs and don't necessarily have their own.

9. That I would need a whole new dog walking wardrobe. Currently I'm making do with what I have but seriously I could pull together a good look if I had the funds. You really do need specific things and it isn't Parisian chic when you have a Parson Russell Terrier.

10.  That I would have to write a letter apologising for the behaviour of my dog. Never had to do this with the children but my naughty little pup decided to bully, yes bully, another really lovely sweet dog. He got a whiff of power and it went to his head. Unlike the BBC with Jimmy Saville I recognised the signs and have had to stop walking him at the same time and write to the owner as I didn't get a chance to properly apologise as the poor woman was rescuing her dog from the clutches of mine. You would never think it was the same dog who lies in my arms for cuddles and really stupid doggy talk (yep I do that and I didn't know I had it in me) and he really doesn't behave like that with any other dog whatsoever.. Mortifying but all part of having a dog it seems!


  1. Awwww! I've always been a cat person but Patches is so cute. x

  2. "That I would have to write a letter apologising for the behaviour of my dog. Never had to do this with the children but my naughty little pup decided to bully, yes bully, another really lovely sweet dog. " -- dying!!!!

  3. Did you write this post for both of us? A wonderful read and oh so true! No need to "preach to the converted" as they say! I made OH buy Albert an £8 Teddy in Pets at Home yesterday because I said he would like his own one. He so enjoys pouncing on Claudia's when she takes him to her room but sadly thinks Marie from the Aristocats is real and stalks her with his back arched, so funny!

  4. This made me laugh so much especially the last one! I have never had the joys of chatting to other dog owners nor walking my dogs in peace and quite because they are all a bloody nightmare for one reason or another Sirius barks the entire walk none stop and Boo will only walk if its the way she wants - if its a way I want she lies on her belly and wont move even if I drag her I could go on but Id be here all day, but I love them to pieces any way ha ha, they are constant amusements! I guess that's what you get adopting mentally deranged Pomeranians!

  5. Beautifully written post and very cute (most of the times :-)) doggie. We are only now considering a new dog after 6 years since the last one. It has taken us this length of time to get over the heartache. As you now know they quickly become treasured members of the family. Xxxx

  6. What a joy they are. My (rescue) dog opened a whole new world to me when I got her back in 2003. I have met some of the nicest people at the off-lead dog area. She is the best addition to our life and now that my husband is sick she gives us day to day pleasure.

    I am so pleased that you are enjoying your lovely dog.



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