Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pick of the day

Today was a tough one as this year there are so many lovely reasonable priced mid range numbers to choose from. But I wanted to find a dress that everyone could wear regardless of body shape and by chance one of those mini catalogues included in Harpers inspired me to examine a label I'd not really glanced at.

Called Me+Em, err not sure what I really think of the name, the company does seem to make rather lovely aesthetically pleasing not trend driven garments. I didn't like everything but thought much of their offerings were really good and I was particularly taken with one dress.

Ignore the cutsy styling of this dress it can be worn in a more sophisticated way. The cut and style of dress is such that it will suit all body shapes. It really doesn't matter what shape you are the only thing to get right is the size. It works for boyish shapes as it creates volume and curves with the a-line cut. For apple shapes it falls nicely from the bust area working in the same way as an empire line or tunic dress. Ditto for hourglass figures it will do the same for you, fall nicely from the bust and gives you an alternative option to always emphasising your waist! Pear shapes you will love the fact it skims the hip and thigh area with ease but does so in a feminine way due to the cut.

The pockets make this dress otherwise it would be a plain tunic with too much volume. The quality of the jersey will mean it keeps it shape and all in all it is an exceedingly useful dress. At £165 it is pricey but that is similar to dresses in Reiss, Karen Millen, French Connection etc. This dress has more longevity and less of the crowd factor too.

Handily there is a 20% off discount code 11HA20 which shaves about £33 pounds off. Wear it with or without tights and leggings, flats or heels and add a necklace or scarf to decorate. It really is a versatile number.

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