Saturday, 27 October 2012

High St Pick of the Week

How many trends and micro trends are there? Who knew that anything goes really is the truth when it comes to fashion these days. My task is to pick an item that defines the season as of the last week of October - don't expect it to last until November!

For one week only I'm suggesting you get owl(ed) up. In fact I'm giving you three micro trends for the price of one item, shirt (tick) detail on collar (tick) owl print (tick). Wear this shirt with jeans, a skirt or under a shift dress.


  1. I love owls and just put one on my latest post ; I didn't know they were trendy on clothes. Nice idea though !

    1. It is Owltastic on the high street even in M&S!! xx

  2. I'm on the look out for something with owls on for my sister's christmas present (she loves owls) so I'll put this on the potentials list. I think primark have a lovely owl scarf too. xx

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