Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Th C Word

Realistically I should wait until after bonfire night until I mention Christmas, however I'm changing my approach this year and getting everything done re: Christmas shopping before bonfire night. My logic is, if I get it all out of the way I can enjoy the fun and frolics of the festive season. Also if you get it all done now there is no way you'll be tempted to buy cute little extras that always appear nearer Christmas and look so beguiling. Plus you can buy second class stamps and send your cards on the 1st of December!

Over the next few days I will be selecting some great Christmas gifts you can get now. Make your list and allocate a budget and be a joiner!

For the Foodie

The number one food book this Christmas is going to be race to the end between Nigellissima and The Great British Bake Off


  1. I clicked on this for the title... desperately disappointed there is no swearing.. but Go Kate.. and good luck, I am off to Antigua and no Christmas shopping will be done xxx

    1. Hahahaha - I knew I would disappoint some!! xx

  2. I've done a good chunk of mine already. Preperation in the way forward!! xx

  3. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH it's only October - but you knew that!

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  5. Stoooooooop it!!!! It's not time yet!!!!! *sighs* OK - it is time. *draws self up to full height* OK I'm off to Amazon. I may be gone some time.

    Ali x


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