Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pick of the Day

The selected pick of the day dress has accompanying photos of me wearing it as it was sent by Baukjen for me to review. The choice of clothing to review was up to me so I fought with every bit of my being which screamed sequins into my head and choose an item I had selected as a top 5 pick  in a recent post on the new collection.

It is the Karen Print dress which retails for £169 and I thought that you would want to know how to maximise use out of a dress at this price.

Firstly the dress print is gorgeous. Again I was being adventurous as I lack print in my wardrobe and I tend to choose plain well cut pieces (mainly in black) which is a tad predictable and boring. The colour of the the print appealed to me and it is better in real life than in an image. It is an 'eclectic mix of black, gold and grey' and this makes it incredible versatile. I can imagine the colour will suit all skin tones and hair colour. The cut is a classic feminine style which favours hourglass and pear shaped figures.

You do need a small waist for this dress and by this I mean in proportion to your bust and hips area. If you are quite busty then the fit is pretty good but I did find the buttons popped open. It is easy for me to remedy by making the button holes smaller and I did feel it was my fault I jinxed the buttons by opening them instead of just using the side zip. I like the addition of the tie bit on the collar as you can have it down, open, in a bow or tucked in. I would even fold it round to the side and add a brooch.

If you are apple shaped it is a no no and if you are straight up and down then you need to be tallish and add  the Baukjen Wrap belt in tan to your basket.

When it comes to styling the dress it is easy. The dress suits flats or heels and I found it welcomes a jumper on top. I only wish I had a yellow and red jumper to show how adding colours would look. Adding a jumper creates a nice skirt which again gives you more options.

My photo shoot was accompanied by a pup and it was all a bit rushed as this is a very busy week for me. I've worn it a few different ways, I could easily have added a denim skirt to the first wear with the flat black riding boots as a casual day look. I almost forgot the say the material feels lovely, it is a good grade polyester and would travel well for weekends away.

 The model is 5' 6" (although shrinking due to poor posture) and is wearing a size 10

 Worn with a last year's Baukjen purchase - this year the Gemma boxy jumper is a similar style. I love the olive colour.

This is an attempt to show the fit at the back - best I could manage!

 The dress is worn with a velvet black jacket. I thought the velvet added more lustre and suited the print and dress material rather than a more matt jacket of cotton or wool or synthetic material. I have black tights on with my faux Valentino shoes from M&S

 This is an easy going evening look with a light grey silver Joseph knit I have had for a few years. I love this knit and it does go with quite a lot but this dress with its grey and gold means I can mix my metals with the silver knit and my gold Zara shoes.

 Lastly I decided to 'GO FOR GOLD' and completely accessorise the dress with the Zara gold shoes from last year, a gold Reiss belt from 2 years ago and my Zara gold clutch which I got 8 years ago. None of the gold items match but this is a good thing as the print of the dress allows you to get away with this (thanks for the inspiration Mrs Fab!)

A close up of the accessories. And finally note no dog when wearing the last look, he finally got bored and wandered off. Just as well as he'd started to fancy chewing the dress!


  1. I love this dress it looks fab on you!

  2. Your doggy is so interested in fashion!

  3. Tsk puppy but still adorable And you too!

  4. Thank you for your post. You did offer fashion dress design to us. I think if you dress can have some decoration like pearl jewelry more be more perfect.I hold that some women would like to buy jewelry set to match this excellent dress. Maybe some people would like to buy pearl brooch to put it in the dress.

  5. Wow, this is a great dress, love it with the gold belt and dressed down with black.


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