Monday, 8 October 2012

Pick of the Day

My poor neglected blog. What with ploughing through editing revisions for Girlynomics, plus copy deadlines and other things to do, it is no wonder I find little time to focus on Make Do Style. To make up for the neglect this week I'm picking a dress a day to encourage you out of your jeans.

Never a slouch when it comes to asking someone where they got an item of clothing from, I made a beeline at a party on Friday night to ask a lovely lady where she had got her green dress from. Turns out it was the Jaeger Boutique range and a £80 it seemed a bargain because it looked liked it cost much more. Selfishly I ordered one for me before I shared. I couldn't run the risk of missing out.

I was genuinely torn between the red and the green but choose the red number. Given all my dresses are black, grey and blue this will be a welcome addition to the wardrobe. Also since I love red dresses I was quite shocked I didn't have one.

Jaeger are one of those annoying websites that have zoom and no decent enlarged images to use and it is not the most enticing display of garments either, hence the small images.

Why this dress works: 3/4 length sleeves, good heavy jersey material, it has pockets and a loveley skirt cut to the dress. Will work all year round. A great work to evening number. Go for the green if you think red is overpowering. Wear with heels or flats.

Which shapes does the dress suit: Pear and slim hourglasses, plus boyish frames. Hourglass shaped make sure you wear a good bra to keep the breasts perky for this style of dress.


  1. Replies
    1. I hope so - always a bit of a danger in the bust area. But hopefully the right bra all will be well! xx

  2. Ooh I love it! I've been looking for a green dress for ages and this is lovely. xx

    1. The green is gorgeous - I really wanted both for the style and the colour xx

  3. Love these dresses- how long are they though? I have "baby knees" however slim my legs are so have to take care with shorter dresses grr.

  4. I can't believe you never had a red dress in your wardrobe before esp after your short film! Nice pick think I am tempted too


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