Thursday, 18 October 2012

The C Word part deux

These suggested gifts are for the MAGPIE family or friend person. All that glitters is not necessarily gold but they'll love then any way. All items are under £20 which is a good benchmark to have as a cap on anyone you are buying for. Money doesn't grow on trees and depending on the size of your Christmas gift list it is good Girlynomics sense to agree with everyone not to go mad. Quite frankly you;ll need the extra pennies and pounds for your Chrimbo heating bill!

I've selected  a couple of gold related items from different brands which are all quite simple and I'd like to think tasteful for a gift: 


Marks & Spencer

Stella & Dot


  1. I'm pleased to say I have made a start on the girls even though I have just had to pay out for charlie's birthday on Saturday but I am a "joiner" for sure!

  2. Hi my dear! Loving the M&S peter pan collar the best! xx

  3. Very beautiful jewelry, gold is so stylish.


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