Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The art of booty

Princess Diana in the 1981 Elizabeth Emanuel Black Taffeta dress causing a fashion stir by wearing black on her first official engagement with Prince Charles when she was still Lady Diana Spencer

I've never been a show girl in any sense of the word, boudoir, courtesan, stage or fashion shows. I put my hands up and say I gave my tickets away. However I did attend the Triumph awards at the start of LFW, I love underwear and it was a great night out. And I made a big effort to go to The Art of Being, Elizabeth Emanuel's comeback fashion show last night. It is 10 years since she last staged a catwalk show and I couldn't resist for a number of reasons, which were a random collection, Princess Diana , Little Black Dresses and Rebekah Roy of Stylist Stuff. Plus when I hesitated about nipping out doors of an eve Mr MDS pointed out I would be a golf widow next week as he is decamping to Wales for the Ryder Cup.

Well I was out of that door. So quick I committed the cardinal sin of being early! How unfashionable is that. I was 10 minutes early for the 7pm reception and canap├ęs, which meant the doors wouldn't open for another 15 to 20 minutes, since when has anything been on time or early. As I'd arrived via tube and my own feet I sauntered off and decamped to a nice building where I stood on the steps and hidden by pillars to attempt to tweet. Guess what I don't know my twitter password. That is what happens when you computer takes over your life and remembers everything for you.

The moral of the story, don't be early and even when one stands in splendid buildings in Belgravia you new BF might be someone who picks up cigarette ends and has the paramedics trying to help. It was very sad as she must have wandered off from a hospital as her hand had a drip thing in it and she was so thin. Even though I'd made the effort to dress up I was being ignored and upstaged by an aviator-esque jacket so I did the British thing and joined the now forming queue for the show.

I will of course post proper images of the lovely dresses from the show. However, my wonderful original Anya Hindmarch clutch is super slim and only had enough room for blackberry, oystercard and invite plus my Tiffany little blue book. I met the lovely Kimberly Lyn from Toronto completely by chance. How happy was I to be able to talk Toronto and Mississauga and ice hockey! We were the only bloggers there (I think) but neither of us had been invited as bloggers.

We both enjoyed the dresses which were wonderfully constructed and looked a million dollars. I love well constructed clothes because regardless of how they are presented they will look good (in fact Fashion's Most Wanted has wonderful pics of the Giles show - another great example of excellent cut and consturction).

The feast of black dress after black dress was a delight. I could never tire of black dresses and Elizabeth had taken inspiration from Breakfast in Tiffany's which isn't original but she had captured the idea of decadence and modernity of the LBD for today. Not only that but Sonique was singing the catwalk music and came out and did a performance of Moon River. It was amazing.

Rebekah Roy (right) with her assistant after the show. Rebekah did a wonderful job of the styling

The team behind the hair, makeup and last minute seamstressing!

The after show party drinks which I stepped away from as I'd had 2 glasses of champagne.

I slipped off into the night with my really nice goody bag with 2 additional items. One was a t-shirt from the show kindly given to me by Elizabeth Emanuel's partner ( I was too polite to ask whether business or romantic) and the other I'm ashamed to say fell into my goody bag, no it did really I have two witnesses as I dropped it in shock. I photographed my LFW haul when I got home. In these hard times there is no point at sniffing at what you get!

Very nice and amazingly comfy pants from Triumph, I'm a convert. The material is fabulous and the fit a dream. I got these last Thursday.

Ahem. This was in the washroom in Belgravia at Il Bottaccio the venue for Elizabeth Emanuel. I was one of 3 people who expressed amazement and amusement. To quote by a.n other person 'why even in Shoreditch we have Molton Brown'

How nice to find Liz Earle in your bag. Elizabeth Emanuel went all out with natural and sustainable products

Candle, body scrub and body moisturiser

The t-shirt, very kindly given to me -made of sustainable bamboo viscose and organic cotton - feels lovely

Next week it will all be back to normal once I've caught up on myself.


  1. What a great post. I'm reading and learning in readiness for Saturday. Loving those pants. xxx

  2. I remember that Diana dress like it was yesterday. Wow. Time flies.

  3. Nice give a ways. Looks like you had a great time. Xxxx

  4. I'm a golfing widow too! Sounds like a great night, even with the pre-event drama.

  5. Hi there-sounds like a wonderful evening and what booty to come home with too-so pleased the Anya clutch is still going strong, lol!! x

  6. Sounds like a great show. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the clothes.

  7. Yes, I remember that Diana dress like yesterday too. All her dresses come to that. How can it be that she is no longer here ? Can't wait to see the pics !

  8. Make Do - you always make us laugh. No wonder we like to 'pinch' your ideas.

  9. Dear Kate, a feast of black dresses sounds right up my street. That's funny you were early. I had to climb a bit of scaffolding at Giles I was so late and it was just starting! I wish I could be early for anything.

    The handwash made me laugh. It seems Shoreditch places do favour Molton Brown or Cowshed. I love Liz Earle products, I would have been pleased with that in a goody bag.

    The raspberry Stoli looks delicious too. Looks like a great night xx

  10. Mr Hammie uses Liz Earle so he would have been impressed. ( the older dude likes expensive product)

    Darl', thanks for showing me there are worse cameras than on an iPhone, ditch the crack berry! And iPhone has an app!! For Twitter darl' xx


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