Thursday, 16 September 2010

Biba co-incident

The new range of Biba clothes is a House of Fraser exclusive with Daisy Lowe as the face of the relaunched brand. Completely by co-incident I've been asked to photograph a small collection of Biba clothes for archiving. I'm not taking the photos but creating a setting for it all. I've currently got one of the dresses hanging on my bedroom door for inspiration - it hasn't come yet although a preview of Vintage-a-Peel's Autumn collection has me chasing some gold platforms so maybe my eureka moment will come soon.


  1. Have you watched Beyond Biba for inspiration? It's a great little documentary.

  2. I must look at the Biba collection. You can't beat Terry de Havilland for gold platforms, and the right era too. He designed the Margaux for Bianca Jagger in 1972 xx


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