Sunday, 5 September 2010

Forward Planning thanks to V&A

I'm loathed to think about it but Christmas is coming. Don't worry there'll be no baubles and sleigh bell jingles on this blog, however I'm going to try and get all my present shopping done each month so I don't do my dash to Fortnum and Mason followed by Harvey Nicks. I think everyone might be getting sick of my Christmas hampers offerings of food, drink and skin care. Mind you the chilli popcorn I found in Fortnums was a winner.

Most of my buying will be on-line so I'm starting with the V&A. It has a great on-line shop. Lots of cute items mixed with some expensive numbers I'm ignoring.

Mind you I'm already compiling my own Christmas letter to Santa - see below!


  1. Luff the fascinator-once made s'thing similiar for the races x

  2. Kate!!! It September,it is wrong to be that organised LOL! I partake in the true Christmas tradition of last minute shopping, these are lovely gifts though especially the turban x

  3. where you will you hide the loot from petite garcon? With my brood its all via Argos LOL

  4. I must admit, I've started thinking about present ideas already (I love making lists!). My friend got me a lovely brooch from V&A for my birthday last year, I'll have to take a look at the site for pressie ideas.

  5. OK, do you have to mention the C word? Or is the X word? Either way, can't handle it.

  6. Now I love the first one, but I don't think its a fascinator, I think its a headband with pretensions. Your list is shaping up nicely though.

  7. Hi there-I can so see you in the turban headband, hope someone gets it for you!! x

  8. I don't want to think about it but I fear you are right....

    have a lovely week

  9. Please don't mention the dreaded C word! Love that turban, it would look amazing with your blonde hair. xxx

  10. I am loving the pink fascinator! Not really my style, but it is beautiful! I can't believe you are thinking about Christmas already - way too organised lady!

    Charlotte xx

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  11. Dear Santa
    Please can I have the pink petals fascinator too.
    I have been a good queen all year.

    Queen Marie

    ps give all my love to rudolph

  12. Dear Kate, I've just started thinking about Christmas too! I always but things every month, I hate the mad rush. I love to enjoy it.

    OMG I adore that turban headband!!! I keep buying turbans online but they're never great quality and always get saved for taking make up off. Since seeing the JPG show I've been looking for something like this. I get paid a little bit this week so I'm going to treat myself. Thank you! xx


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