Thursday, 30 September 2010

A moment with Tony

I wrote a short post earlier today on my Fashion and Film blog on Tony Curtis and in doing so I had much fun looking at old episodes of The Persuaders in which he starred. I love the early 70s fashion for men.


  1. this video didn't like me. kept stopping. ahhhhhhhh! i do love that car and the house is so perfect. i watched To Catch A Thief a few weeks ago. i love this era.

  2. When I was a little girl I loved The Persuaders and liked Tony Curtis best..feeling really old right now

  3. Today we got a worldwide wave going, so let's do the same thing on the blogosphere.

    Altogether now....

    No! *I'm* Spartacus!!!

    Bye Tony, you were a STAR :-)

    Ali x

  4. I once met Tony Curtis when I was doing a catering job at a film set in the 90s (or was it late 80s, oh dear, don't know...). He was a real gentleman in the midst of a lot of very full of themselves people.

  5. How did I miss that show? I have never even heard of it.

  6. I really liked your other blog, RIP Tony a true Hollywood star!

  7. Oh I completely agree with you on early Seventies menswear. Yum yum.

    You can see a great Harry Enfield Persuaders-style spoof here


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