Thursday, 30 September 2010

Surprise designer focus

Surprise being the key word given my level of cynicism of celebs from whatever background turned designer. Granted I bought a silver maxi skirt from Kate Moss's first ever Topshop venture all those years ago. It was my one and only purchase and a very good one at that. However, I like to think that is more my discerning nature...

Which brings me on first to Victoria Beckham, (this post isn't about her) I'm a sucker for some reason I love her lines and I really like her. In that time honoured expression 'I really get her'. We couldn't be more un- alike. Moi, blonde and curvy - her, brunette and well thin as a thin thing. Which all in all is a big build up to me enthusing about Winter Kate.

If I was to say I was determined to 'hate' (petit garcon uses this word a lot of late as in 'Mummy I hate you' when I refuse him Jammy Dodgers for breakfast) the Winter Kate line designed by Nicole Richie along with her House of Harlow stuff, I'm sure I'd be in a bracket with a lot of other people.

Yet, it is 'ruddy' good as we Brits say. I like the understated flamboyance of both lines. There is a 30s/70s vibe (cliché I know) which comes through and I'm never sure if it is a hang over from the Rachel Zoe days or it is truly her own style and input. I'm going with the latter although acknowledging the former imparted 'knowledge'.

My favourite is the Dixie Tunic which flies against the force of minimalism but would turn heads without much effort. The sleeves billow out and you do need proper shoulders to carry this item otherwise the fit isn't great. All the items have lovely patterns and cuts which honestly amazes me. It all the things you would have hoped the Kate Moss collections at Topshop promised to be or would have been.

Ditsy Tunic £167 my-wardrobe

Winter Kate is also available on the 3rd floor at Selfridges, London.


  1. i also had that maxi skirt from Kate Moss ..loved it.
    This is a really cute dress I love this style xx

  2. Dear Kate, I bought a sequined vest dress from Ebay for £35 instead of £150 from Kate's first collection. I remember the skirt that was lovely.

    This collection sounds right up my street, 30's/70's vibe you say? I like it. I'm off to have a look. Even though I have no money. Have a fab day xx

  3. Oh, that's lovely. I really like the big full sleeves.

  4. I have to agree with you there, Winter Kate has some fab little numbers, but way too pricey for me. I lusted after a funny kimono silk cardigan thing for summer but have noticed that topshop is now doing a rip-off of this at the moment.

    So if I fancy anything from Winter Kate, if i wait long enough a version will turn up in topshop for a fraction of the price.


  5. I'm going to check this out - I've never heard of it. I too bought into the Kate Moss first collection - and enjoyed it. I think she brought new people to Top Shop and make the clothes appeal to more people - not just tweenagers with pocket money to spend. But now.. OMG. I was in ther last week and the place was packed with teenagers, two of whom were shreiking about the shop, saying they had to buy something, anything, just because they could. Really put me off !

  6. I must admit that I really like Nicole Ritchies style compared to other celeb lines, I really like some House of Harlow shoes I spotted too. Chic and bohemian at the same time.

  7. I hadn't looked at any of this line before, but I agree, it is all surprisingly nice. Especially the drapey kimono jacket. The one shoulder dress is horrible though, blergh.

  8. you're so really is a lovely collection!!

  9. To my deep shame, I was also pretty surprised about WInter Kate. I'm going to echo a lot of your commenters and say that I loved that kimono jacket too!

  10. I've been fairly impressed by Miss Nicole's designs, too. Who knew?


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