Monday, 20 September 2010

A Triumphal affair

Lets face it my blogging is all to pot. I'm still on last week. I'm not sure this styling work is conducive with my blogging. Not only am I off routine (apologise no Maxi, Midi, Mini today as no research been possible), I'm becoming unsociable due to exhaustion (sorry Sharon Rose, working and doing school runs/stuff is making me a lover of sleep).

Thankfully my all work and all mummy duties were interrupted by the Triumph Inspiration Awards 2010. Billed as kicking off London Fashion Week, the challenge around the globe for designers was based on the brief Shape Sensations. Judging the event were Matthew Williamson, Rankin and Helena Christensen. Karen Mok, Hillary Riva (British Fashion Council Development Committee) and Suzanne McKenna (Triumph Head of Global Brand Management).

I was pleased to bump into Nicky Hambleton-Jones, who is a friend and a great person to work with. Designers Felder and Felder were as lovely as ever but I feel dreadful I didn't take a photo of their mum who is uber lovely and very glam. She was also wearing a shearling flight jacket and looked very cool. Linford Christie became my NBF - he was charming, funny and had a powerful shove when trying to get your attention. He and Alexandra Burke made me take photos of them together on each of their blackberry phones. I then attempted to take yet another rubbish photo on my camera. Yes the lighting in the Old Sorting Office was very dark but seriously I need a new phone (on its way, I'm on an iphone 4 wait list) and a decent camera (hello anyone out there?!)

Enough of my 5 minutes of fun and down to the show. It was a mixed bag of fab designs, slightly blah and some bonkers numbers. But that is the great thing about design, it is subjective and there is something for everyone. My favourite, a sparkly number by a Norwegian designer didn't win - the designer Annette Bowman decided to use bits of vinyl and tape to create her shape sensation number. The second placed Spanish designer Amaya Carcamo created a wonderful body using wood, it was polished to perfection. The Triumph Inspiration Award site has lots of lovely images and videos of the evening. I'm actually on one of them thanks to my front row status! Mr MDS laughed at my faux fur caplet saying I was the only person with a shawl on. Nothing like your bloke to ruin your only moment.

Busy back stage preparing the show

Nicky Hambleton-Jones, Linford Christie and his friend who's name I've forgotten but she was super nice and fun

Nicky and a bit of Felder & Felder

The item I wanted - I thought it would be a perfect look for the beach

The board

You see my camera and photography skills need help!


  1. How fabulous, NHJ looks as fabulous as always I have tweeted with her once or twice.
    I love fashion and the buzz behind a show must be amazing lucky girl xx

  2. That looks great fun! you lucky devil!

    Ali x

  3. Hi there!! No apologies necessary, had my fair share of mum stuff this weekend too, lol!! Looks like a very fun, stylish and glamorous event, a lively and vibrant way to kick off LFW!! x

  4. I know how you feel, I am so behind with blogging due to all this party dress fiasco, I'm just not with it! Sounds like you had a great night and glad you are busy with work can't wait for you to share what you have been up to!

  5. I have the exact same camera problems - I want something with a real lens but not too technical b/c I'm too lazy to read a manual.
    The show looks amazing, I love the finale picture.


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