Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Make Do Diet

Over the years Mrs MDS has shamelessly eschewed diets and diet books for superior knowledge from one of her bestie's Rachel Hubbard. Of course there are a couple of favourite reference books, The China Study and Can We Live 150 Years?

Rachel, however, has always managed to provide a simple programme that involves no expense. Really she should have her own book out. The trouble is she is worried about me publishing photos like these...

Mrs MDS & Rachel a self portrait (Wales v Italy)

Luckily for you and her, there is always a camera malfunction when it comes to the evening!

In essence the diet you need to follow for fighting the long winter flab and getting fit for you hols is thus:

The Rachel Hubbard diet

30 minutes of cardio exercise a day, six days a week.
100 sit ups every day

A hearty breakfast - load up on carbs etc in the morning.
Fruit/veggies for lunch, rest of day
A very light supper - i.e. make your portions small - you could just have a small piece of steamed fish, veggies & salad for example

Basically you have to think of food in groups

Your essentials = vegetables, fruits, complex carbs, lean protein, low fat yoghurt
Fat inducers = cheese, sausages, bacon, red meat, full fat dairy, crisps, chips (need I go on)
Luxuries = alcohol, chocolate, cakes etc.

Choose essentials, stay away from fat inducers and really limit luxuries.

If it is just a flatter stomach you are after then simply no alcohol, no bread and do sit ups.

By not following a complex diet book and keeping it simple you can just be focused. It is hard at first as you make that commitment to exercise (a 30 minute walk counts) and decreasing your bad calorie intake. Note, nothing is banned nor is there only allowed items. You are in charge of your health kick and in six weeks, if you stick to it you'll see a big difference. Mine starts today!


  1. Nothing is banned? Hmmm ... like it already! If you're starting, I will too. It's about time I got more exercise. I'll go back to running (walking) my errands on foot. Perfect. Thanks so much for the inspiration! xo

  2. oh sit-ups are a long way off for me - I'll burst like a badly stuffed sofa if I try them now!

    Very straightforward common-sense approach your friend has - I LIKE it!

    Ali x

  3. I wish the shops hadn't have run out of creme eggs! roll on next Easter!

  4. I'm one of those odd people who gets bigger on protein - I think it's my huuge muscly bum/thighs. I could kick through doors but who wants to look like a character from Streetfighter?

    I generally stick to just that diet: one meal with luxuries, but mostly LOADSA VEG. If I fill up on veg i don't get tempted.

  5. Hi my dear-good dietary advice, I really do need to eat more fruit and drink loads more water too xx

  6. I love Rachel's Diet! I linked to this in my post today as it is so perfect.

  7. Sounds a lot like what I do when I feel slightly, um, puffy - walk/run every day, yoga 5 days, protein with every meal, less wine ... It helps that I don't like sweets. But I know if I ever ban something from my diet, it's all I'll think about. So I don't!

  8. Dear Kate, of course this diet makes perfect sense. I could do wtih it before my holiday.

    I have real trouble with cheese and dark chocolate, my two main food addictions. No cheese at all you say? xx

  9. Sounds an interesting diet.... I'm always on a diet, sometimes I think it's not fair that some people can eat without gain some weight.

    Hope you're having a nice time


  10. 100 situps?!? I hardly manage 30. I'm all for the big breakfast though.

  11. This is exactly what I do when I 'diet' the 30 mins exercise and eating the good stuff. I find once you start you stop craving sweeties anyway. My problem at the moment is the only exercise I can do is walking due to the rheumatoid arthritis so I know it will take me a lot longer than usual, but I am getting there I have already lost a few pounds. One exercise I do like is doing push ups but standing against a wall. It tones the arms up brilliantly without putting all the pressure on my joints. Also pelvic floors help tone the tummy if you cant do sit ups - and you can do them anywhere x

  12. Pearl - you are spot on ref walking, standing up push ups (I do those every morning) and the pelvic floor exercises. It is far better to have this as a plan of attack than some stupid faddy rule based diet! Like fashion rules - bah to it all... xx


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