Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fashion night nought!

Women! Take not wish away your life on thinking of men folk or the perfect relationships go out now and party for ever more. This stuff about marriage, kids etc. 'tis all nonsense.
This picture should serve as a warning that men are still on top and wearing the headdresses!

Let me put it another way, would you like control of the TV remote? Would you like to nip into London town for Vogue's Fashion Night Out? Would you enjoy making use of all the invites you've received and grab a few canapes and cocktails on the way - hmm! Would you like to fret over the choice of a car to Fulham for the Tods after party or rocking up to Mahiki for the DKNY after party? Yes, I thought so.

Rewind....Mrs MDS usually meets Mr MDS on a Thursday night for a drink or a bite to eat. It is their only time together on their own. Occasionally they have to sacrifice this pleasure but on the whole, they make the effort. Mrs MDS had so many Fashion Night Out invites she didn't know what to do. So she planned a few early meets with some friends and then the Bond St and surrounding shops invites with Mr MDS. With Mahiki being the favourite option for a cocktail then home.

Tuesday, Mr MDS comes home and says 'I forgot that I was going with *x friends* to drive *y's* car round Brans Hatch on Thursday.' Mrs MDS counts to 10 in her head. Mentally rips up all the invites in her head as well. Loses control of her facial muscles momentarily and sighs. It might have been a snort but ...Remembering it is best to be positive , she says 'Oh well, what a shame' and thinks those 'Marc Jacob shoes will be mine!'

In a fit of generosity she distributes her well organised route to a friend to enjoy with her plus one and looks forward to a night in charge of the remote control with soothing camomile tea.

The moral of the story is there is a very good reason why boots are made for walking especially ones with pointy heels.


  1. arf arf arf you at least have the remote control tonight and twitter xxxx

  2. Hope you enjoyed your night of TV remote control although there was Sod all on!

  3. Oh my god they are beautiful - consolation indeed! xx


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