Thursday, 29 September 2011

Go classic

Now this is nothing to do with the Middleton gals and more to do with Miuccia(Prada), Margaret (Howell) and Marni. I find the Middletons have too a high a heel preference for my liking and I know they are never going to step out in ankle socks or thick tights. It is that NYC bare legs thing or a good old fashion Sloane 10 denier thing for them.

Instead I prefer to mix my M&M's in a different way. I take a blend of Miuccia, skirts, ankle socks, design with a dash of Margaret, simple, sensible, easy to wear and a slug of Marni, more ankle socks, classic with a twist. Which gives me the Edie shoe from Kurt Geiger in Navy Blue


  1. Thick tights yes sometimes, Prada always (if in the sale), ankle socks - with these legs never!NYC bare requires waxing and tanning - easiest by far to settle for trousers!

  2. I like the fact they are not too high. I am always drawn to heels but can never walk in them!

  3. A perfect shoe, I even likes its name!xx


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