Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Splurge or Squirrel

Something about September makes you suddenly splurge on a few items but there is always an alternative if you have more squirrel tendencies when it comes to parting with your money for a fashion fix.

Mr Marc Jacobs is full of resourceful referencing and I'm beginning to think he spotted me in my 70s jumpers as a child. I felt so nostalgic when I spied this knit number on Matches online store.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Space Dyed Sweater £220 Matches

Still trust Zara to have their fingers on the pulse with their next to nothing offerings. It might not have the finesse of the higher designed item but it will keep you warm in winter and give a nod to early 70s sweaters.


  1. Ooh lovely. Zara always seems to come up trumps with vintage and designer inspired items.

  2. Oh I much prefer the Zara version! I don't tend to spend much on jumpers anyway - feel it's like a designer tee which I don't nned to have.

  3. I also prefer the Zara knit. I can't resist a bit of Zara.

  4. That is not a neckline that I like. But then I do have a very short neck. On a more normal sized person I'm sure it would look lovely!

  5. Nice sweater!


  6. Have no words to admiring of Squirrel sweater. Wonderful stuff. Definitely this sort of sweaters will create a new trend in fashion era.


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