Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New Rule, One In One Out

In my increasing drive for wardrobe efficiency, I like to introduce helpful new rules. The only point of my rules is to make me think, evaluate and hesitate. It is all too easy to suddenly need or want something but without doing a double check on your current stock!

I've decided one in, one out is a simple proposition to prevent overstocking. If I have too many clothes I get overwhelmed and have to clear my wardrobe out. I have no aversion to hoarding but I have no capacity or funds to allow me to do this. I have to keep a strict check on it all.

I wanted to buy two tops for the A/W season and I spied two that fitted the bill on
With free p&p and returns on orders over £75 (mine was £76 in total) I was happy to take a punt and avoid the shops. I actually loved three but luckily the third one was out in my size. I've longed for a navy star top for ages and I love the sleeve detail on this one.

Every winter I add some floral to my wardrobe and having sold my other floral tops because they weren't quite right, I finally feel as if I've found my favourite.
Both of these are keepers. I will wear them until they wear out. I'm really into wearing things out too. Once an item is bobbled to b*$"*&^ or beyond repair they go to the textile recycle collection bank.

The final top, the one that got away is a gorgeous red number and I'm still tempted but prudence has got the better of me.

Before I hit the send button to seal the deal, I had to select two items from my wardrobe to go on eBay as part of my one in one out strategy. One item has been sat waiting to be sold for ages my Comptoirs des Cotonniers cardigan, unworn and unloved - if I'm honest I'm a little to busty for it, otherwise it would be a winner! The other is a dress I've worn once and it is a little bit big for me - that's ready to wear for you! It is a fabulous violet colour and I had to add a belt to make it fit my small waist. I've listed the dress but so far for some reason unknown to me I've not been able to list the cardigan, so that is one my to do list. The sales won't pay for my spree but it will help ease my mind and keep me in check!

Pearl Lowe dress get bidding!

Soon to be on eBay!

Do you apply such rigour to your wardrobe and spending habits?


  1. this is such a sensible idea. I don't follow it, but should x

  2. Great choices! After a new (well, second-hand) purchase I always take at least two things out of my wardrobe to make room. It saves getting bogged down with clutter. x

  3. I love all three of the topshop tops, especially the floral one x

  4. At the moment, my rule is "no shopping"! haha! we're a bit broke at the minute so it's either clothes or food, and food is cheaper anyway so we choose that.. but i think i'm evolving a resistance because I am usually quite good with browsing websites without wanting to spend the money, it's being in shops that kills me, so i just try and avoid them :P

  5. Hi my dear!! great choices, the star one is my fave!! Glad to see you back too, have a great week xx

  6. Sounds like a great rule to follow and I love the Star top. Glad your back and as per your previous, very interested to see what you have to say about ever-changing roles in the fashion minute a pop star, next minute a 'fashion designer'. I'd be really interested in what you think of Robbie Williams 'collection' for Very, its seems rather over-rated. xx

  7. That's quite a good technique, though I have to say I find mass purges quite therapeutic. The floral Topshop number is delish... x


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