Tuesday, 6 September 2011

'The Bitch is Back'

Well, I've always wanted to use that as a blog post title and guess what in part it is true. I am stone cold sober and on occasions one has been known to well....bitch!

My vacation is over, the petit garcon is back at school. I have no more excuses not to blog. However I have not been idle. My serious fashion post examining 'untouchable fashion idols' is still work in progress. I have lots of useful what to buy, how to make do posts to come too.

In addition to holidaying, playing tennis, badminton, swimming, making builders cups of tea and Grufflo snakes & ladders, I have been writing. It does mean I have decided that I am certainly not returning to styling as my day job. The break has been a revelation. I know I could also never return to working for a company. Even though my greatest regret is that I didn't jump ship from Elle magazine to a national daily - not that I was offered a job at one, more my youthful ignorance of exploiting connections and humble deferential nature in days gone by - I'm not going to try to become a hack. I have a hacks brain and a very creative one at that. As hard as it is going to be I am focused on just being a WRITER (if it is in capitals it feels like a contract).

Being a writer is quite lonely, so thank goodness for twitter, although this is more of a distraction at times, it does allow you a fun five minutes of often pointless contact with no one in particular and everyone. More of my writing will unfold shortly...get those Kindles at the ready!

For now I only have one further point to make, what is it with people and their made up work? How can you be model cum designer cum actress cum surfer cum property magnate! Or blogger cum editor cum photographer cum consultant cum stylist? Who knew that your job could change on a daily basis encompassing anything and everything. Does anyone say taxi driver cum cleaner cum locksmith - no! I rest my case. They don't because they have to hold down a proper job to earn an income. Look in any magazine and you will see a list of people with their job titles attributed to them. What is it with bloggers turned x or x turned blogger that makes for a fanciful attempt to create a role for themselves? What do you think? Don't worry this bitch is going to do a post on this subject...

'When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad I'm better.' Mae West


  1. I know plenty of folk with more than one job, funnily enough they never list them off like the models do in the magazines (because working in an office/pub a few days a week so you can pay the mortgage because your other job is charity/arts and pays pittance isn't glam!). It does infuriate me a bit when I see them magically add on a new job because the 'add ons' are often tiny projects and clearly they have loads of support. Model-slash-jewel-designer ... you just know not in the same league as someone who studied metal arts, got a grant to start a business from scratch etc'. Maybe we should all list hobbies that sometimes pay out on our blogs! "Manager/Teacher/Bootsaler/EBayer..." ha ha!

  2. Good to have you back!

    At the minute I'm absolutely sick of celebs churning out cook books - Gwyneth Paltrow, Sophie Dahl, hell Alex Reid is even doing one. Awful, just awful! In an interview the other day Sophie Dahl actually had 'Sophie Dahl, Food Writer' in the little info panel across the bottom of the screen, lol!

  3. Well a most feisty blog post - I'm impressed. It really sounds like you gained some focus on your break, which is great. So glad to have you back and I'm really looking forward to your blog posts.
    designer cum ex-blogger cum hausfrau cum couch tester

  4. Welcome back!
    These long lists of what people do for a living are as tedious (as Pearl's post pointed out the other day) about how magazines laud famous women who recycle clothes, ie., wear them more than once.

  5. Being a Mum to four and having run a family home for twenty odd years, I could actually call myself everything from accountant to personal shopper! I organise diaries and collect the dry cleaning, hey look I could start a business as a Concierge. I have a Blog, so obviously I am a writer! Problem is, would anyone believe me, doubt it somehow.

  6. Thank God you're back.

    I'd never describe myself as a Writer/Blogger/Lawyer/Mother.

    Meanwhile did you see how rude Madonna was when someone gave her flowers she didn't care for? RUDE. Where have manners gone?

  7. "? How can you be model cum designer cum actress cum surfer cum property magnate! " ha ha ha ha! Love this. But I'm afraid I've turned into one. Designer/blogger? Is that going down the path? Ugh!

  8. You're so right, and I for one love your feisty posts! I'd be happy just being a writer - and rarely define myself by my job title anyway for some reason: I say, "I work in a library" or "I work for a publisher". As for Twitter - let me know if you need a distraction, as you know I'm always willing! ;) xx


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