Monday, 19 September 2011

Setting out my store

I suspect it is important put ones writing into context. I was struck by this thought as I read Suzanne Moore's Saturday Guardian article. I know what I'm getting when I read The Guardian and I like what I get in the main. Mind you I am a serial purchaser of The Torygraph too on a Friday for my favourite fashion writer Lisa Armstrong. Why I even take a peek at Femail (gulp).

Mix it all up I say, but then I don't tread a fashion line of worship at the alter of supposed fashion icons/celebs. I love and loathe the mainstream in equal measure. The bits I love are the idea of it all, the purity of the fashion industry devoid of hype, in-crowd, all the excess and cliches. Therefore it is the hype, in-crowd mentality, excess and cliches I loathe.

When I graduated from LCF, Magaret Howell was awarded an honorary doctorate. I love her simplicity, her ethos and I really wish I'd gone to her LFW show. Also Emma Hope was given an honorary something too and delivered a corker of a speech and looked at everyones shoes when they went up to receive their degrees! Margaret Howell, Emma Hope, Ally Capellino are amongst my most treasured fashion peeps. Unassuming and diligent.

Margaret Howell S/S12

My only dissent from this love of the understated and quiet is Anna Wintour. I have a ridiculous soft spot and adore her. In truth there is no logic to what and who I like but overall whilst I'm a major proponent of the fashion industry, I truly believe it needs to be examined in the context of what I would define (to borrow a fashion phrase) 'The Fabulous' and 'The Not Fabulous'.

I'm still working on a post about Fashion Blogging & Marketing and then I intend to use Monday's as a serious start the week post on 'The Fabulous' and 'The Not Fabulous'. Watch this space and join in the discussion with gusto. Mind you I thought this one from Tanya Gold was a bit predictable and not very fabulous - what do you think?


  1. I liked this article, I felt as if TG was tying them up in knots to be honest. Although I agree with TG on this one. Its the whole reason I buy designer clothes from net-a-porter because they do stock larger sizes and boy, they are the first to sell out, what the fuck is wrong with designers? Of course bigger girls want to wear their clothes and a sale is a sale in these hard times, so let the tossers who don't make them lose out. Idiots!

  2. I look forward to your new series!

    As for thee article, I wear US 12-14 so I relate to TG's points.

    Are you saying these points have already been made umpteen times?

  3. Oh gosh - yes I see what you both mean. I meant the fact that TG was having to have this sort of discussion was a bit predictable and the sizing issue is non fabulous. I should have been clearer!

    I agree the sizing thing is stupid and what annoyed me more than anything in the days before designers went over to ready to wear, they supplied patterns via magazines so women could make their clothes. Haute Couture was for the rich and believe me they could be whatever size they wanted and still can!! I felt Clements & Riberio showed little knowledge of fashion history and could have stuck their necks out.

    The bit about the clothes doing the talking should be valid regardless of size.

    Most designers do go up to a size 16 UK and 12 US or 48 IT or 46 EUR but they sell out in a jiffy.

    This discussion shouldn't be taking place - so I will have to think about how to write it from a new angle, so I can't accuse myself of being predictable!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the links to the two articles, it definitely gives me found for thought. As a plus size girl, I'm interested in fashion being more accessible and acceptable for larger ladies. Looking forward to your future posts xx

  5. I really despise honorary degrees of any kind but I do adore Margaret Howell I went to her show and it was so beautiful, so simple, so classic and so setting the tone for SS!


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