Monday, 21 April 2008

Desperate times...

Living TV has been successfully supplying me with America's Next Top model for weeks - can't wait for next series which is on in US now! Don't tell me anything.....

Sadly, tonight I decided to fill the void with Britain's Next Top Model, which is not the same and really I should know better. I'm already being mean about the girls.....when really I should be practicing my etchings. 'Lisa mail' doesn't have a patch on 'Tara mail'!

Talking of etchings - how endearing are these Illustration by Kim Lee.


  1. I've been watching britain's next top model as well as australia it's so addictive!

  2. Those illustrations are great. Thanks for sharing them.

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  4. Completely know what you mean - the uk one is soooo lame. And what's with the trout pout judge weird!


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