Saturday, 26 April 2008

Maxx your budget

I had a 15 minute browse in TK Maxx today about 4 o'clock ish and bearing in mind this is in a small little one in Surrey I could have bought
Olive fifties style dress by MCQ by Alexander McQueen £39.99 (down from £400)
Summer evening jacket by Valentino £79.99 (reduced from £700 - ok it was a bit italiano but looked the biz)
Red slim fit Ralph Lauren polo shirt for £16.99
There was a surfeit of DKNY denim jackets and some lovely white short sleeve shirts with bow collar detail by Red or Dead.
If you can save your pennies and wait to buy designer pieces, which of course are random injections into the main stock, then you can snaffle bargins galore.


  1. Hey Make Do, thanks for dropping by the blog and the add.

  2. TK (or TJ, where I come from) Maxx can offer loads of bargains if one has the patience. I haven't but admire those who do!

  3. They have some great stuff there
    But 90% pf the time it never fits me right!

  4. I've been practicing the art of TK Maxx - you're right you need to set aside some time and work thru it all. It is really random and luck plays a part. You can sign up for delivery info which helps too.

  5. Completely agree with enc find the place a nightmare but hats off to those who break the back of the rail chaos!

  6. oooh Olive dress...I love olive! Wish I'd been there!


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