Saturday, 12 April 2008

The Late Post

Ah...full on four days of personal styling with four lovely ladies. Great workout walked many miles! But the high street and even the department stores are a hotch potch of trends.....
My top three items after much consideration are:-
1. Light Grey Cashmere t-shirt GAP £45
2. Grey pencil skirt Reiss £89
3. Silver strappy platform sandal French Connection £85

Number 1 is pure skin luxury, 2 is stylish and sexy and number 3 is statement - put all three together with fuschia pink lipstick and well...job done!


  1. I think you're all set with that kit. It sounds perfect.

  2. Lots of grey
    I love that colour!

  3. Also loving grey now and all the many shades of metallics, have my eye on a silvery, pewtery bag for the summer which will look great with white, or any color.
    All my sisters wore school uniforms and when it came to my turn, public school so I do have uniform envy.
    It is easy and frees up more time for life!

  4. I actually put 3 of my 4 clients this week in the Reiss skirt ranging from a UK size 8/US4 to a UK14/US10 and all 3 women looked fantastic - regardless of size or shape a pencil skirt works that body! I did succomb to cashmere t-shirt after finishing work on Friday!

  5. Am lovin grey too. I get the fuschia touch big style. I'msoing my toe nails to match right now! Great outfit at good prices. Tnx

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