Friday, 18 April 2008

Shoe lust - is it just me?

I love shoes. I could happily buy a pair a week as I'm beguiled and enthralled in eqaully measure by many a pair. My taste is dieverse and eclectic from classic numbers to truly bizarre. When it comes to shoes I'm smitten.

Recently, I encountered a lack of interest, not by me but by my personal styling clients. When it comes to magazine and film the models/actors just do - as supplied!

Currently I've probably got 10 pairs of shoes I'd love to buy ranging from £20 to £425. With the exception of one client who was delighted with a gorgeous pair of Chie Mihara from Fenwicks, most personal styling clients are displaying a less than enthusiastic interest in the many shoe offerings....and to back them up there are a lot not selling and sales galore.

Are shoes too expensive or are the current trends, shoes on sale off the mark for most? What do you think?


  1. Well there is a lot of imitations of really nice shoes. I don't like the topshop ones as I want the real thing. I'd rather buy one pair that is great than several cheap ones from high street shops like Faith etc. Only 'cos I think they don't look as good even Bertie and Pied a Terre I'm afraid.

  2. Well i'd be able to buy pair in the twinkle of an eye but i'm having to watch my budget and this means careful selection. Yes too many shoes, too many styles and lots of over priced numbers - from high street to designers.

  3. I like a lot of the trends, but I do think they're overpriced. $900 for a pair of sandals just isn't going to happen for me.

  4. I think it's great that you can now find fantastic copies of the big name shoes on the highstreet. Fair enough the quality isn't always as good but I get a buzz thinking that my shoes are the same as that top-designers but I only paid £20 for them.

  5. I'm just not that interested in shoes! I LOVE clothes, but handbags and shoes just don't really do it for me. (Now and again I fall in love with a pair of shoes, but on the whole I try them on - they kill my feet - so I go back to my ballet pumps!)


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