Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Just add Daz

Walking into Gap on Oxford Street today I was greeted with the freshest whitest clothes I've ever seen. I felt a summer's breeze waft over me as I drank in the heady glow. I wanted to be the Andrex puppy and roll around in all the whiteness!

Photo and article from Brand Week

The nicest suprise of all was a selection of the American designer/vogue collabaration - v.good. I counted five different looks but I was dazed by the brightness of my surrounds, so there might have been more.

This latest selection of summer goodies is the best offering by Gap to date. Lots of Riviera chic and modern utilitarian wear and jolly good value. If you do grab a few whites then stock up on Daz* - it really is the biz for keeping them clean. If your a washing powder snob, dispense Daz into a John Lewis or Cath Kidston washing powder tin and pretend it's a find!

*US/Europe/Rest of world, Daz is a UK washing powder that is not packaged in the best possible taste and has quite dreadful adverts - basically it is trashy!


  1. I love the look of that photo, and have enjoyed seeing the coverage of all these new things for Gap. Maybe there will still be some when my ban is over.

  2. Makes my blood a bit boiling when things only happen on Oxford Street. I can't move to London just for a white shirt!
    At least the rest of collection will be in Bath shop

  3. Nothing looks nicer and cleaner than white this time of year. Lovely. Love your blog by the way! Thanks for the nice comments on mine too. x

  4. Never ended up liking the smell of Daz .... going to have to stick with the Persil!

    Cheers for the add btw!

  5. White Witch - you are so right which is why you'd never use it everyday but for that once in while to get your whites gleaming! Add a strong smelling fabric conditioner it helps. Hope you're swishing or strutting in McQueen number!

    Anon - soz about London centric - if any consulation they are only in Oxford street shop full stop. no where else even in London town...

  6. I love the high collar one designed by Phillip Lim.

  7. love love Gap - just great little numbers


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