Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Fingers crossed

The trouble with hurting your back is that you really are stuffed! Honestly I've spent the last two days shuffling about and morphing into Britney Spears. Seriously, I went to the supermarket today in tracksuit pants, t-shirt and cardigan. It was not a good look. I stocked up on painkillers in the hope that oesteopath visit and drugs will enable me to work tomorrow and Thursday.

The other problem is I need a dress for a style presentation to a group of women and fashion journalists from the dailies. My plan was to get one today but I've resorted to internet purchase instead. After a good trawl I finally made my selection from matchesfashion.com. It is a Max Mara number and it was price and colour that sold it to me. I've got three presentation events coming up from now until August where I have to inspire others to all things stylish. I'm hoping the colour will detract from the blah! Plus I can't get away with anything cheap and cheerful. Hence large spend on one item......

However I really hope it fits as I've got no time to get another one.
Which is why I tend to try and buy usually.

This internet shopping thing isn't a good idea as I also went one step further and bought a gorgeous towelling ponco for my little boy as well....I want one too!

Boy's sail strip towelling poncho £24 http://www.thewhitecompany.com/

I'll not be buying anything else from now until October as I've blown the budget.


  1. You are a hoot! Channeling Britney is cheaper than most celebs! As long as you stick to painkillers

  2. I'm sorry to hear you hurt your back. It's very debilitating, I know. Despite all that inconvenience and pain, you did well, with the dress purchase and the towelling robe! I love it!

    (Nice job with the photos!)

  3. I'd love to see a pic of you in your internet purchase when it arrives - matches is just lovely x

  4. I think everyone has had a Britney day before
    At least you don't have her hair.. I'm hoping!

  5. Hope your back is much better soon. Poor you! Dress looks fab, love the colours. Hope it fits - let us know. x

  6. Cheers Coco - the good news is I don't!


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