Monday, 14 April 2008

Style makeover competition

Ok so my judge has narrowed the entries down to a final three.
See Style Makeover competition post on 20th of March.

The short list is:-

A. Is a mummy in need of a spring/summer wardrobe to dust the cobwebs and mothballs away from her sparse collection.
B. Is a divorcee, after a long drawn out divorce, this person needs some tlc to add va va voom to their look.
C. Is a Kiwi landed on our shores who lives in the back of beyond and feels a tad out of place when it comes to a UK look and is hankering after an update.

You, the readers can decide who gets styled! Just vote - poll at top right!!


  1. What fun! Do we get to see piccies too?!

  2. This is a tough choice. I can't imagine who would "need" or want it more. I hope to hear more about this, and maybe see photos!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I know it is a tough call - that's why we had to turn to the general public! Put yourself in the shoes of A, B or C and then vote!

  5. Oh by the way deleted comment was me! Made a mess of it and deleted it not realising it would look dramatic becasue deleted! No rude or weirdness here....

  6. Oh this is a nice idea for a post
    I can't decide who to get it though!


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