Monday, 7 April 2008

Pure Pleasure

I don't know if it was my tipple in the Met Bar or downloading All Saint's greatest hits on to my ipod but I'm having a parka revival.

Shaznay Lewis is a much neglected female songwriter - I'd forgotton how much aural pleasure Pure Shores and Black Coffee could give. I just remembered the female feel good factor the girls - Natalie, Melanie, Nicole and Shaznay delivered. Most notable their love of glamour mixed with tomboy.

And I have to say when I choose my stiff upper east side princess look of shirt, skirt and courts it is perfectly complimented by a £35 New Look parka. It's the rolled up short sleeve vibe that sings.....

PS How's about this for an answer to a dreadful public divorce - Sir Paul McCartney on Linda


  1. Just makes me want to listen to All Saints right now! So forgot about them. What a great price for a parka

  2. HA! My Dublin New Look Parka 07 insipired you too!! Well Done.xx

  3. Marvellous! It is a great little number and yes yours was an inspired buy. What a great price for something so lovley and useful. xx

  4. guccibaggirl7 April 2008 19:31

    I love your choices - and the price makes it even better. Might need one for this spring isn't happening. A nice alternative to a blazer.

  5. i don't think i've ever mentioned that i love the spirit of your blog, especially now that its time to (sigh) pay the taxman.

  6. It sounds like P had a lot of respect and love for L. I venture that H was the polar opposite from L. But we do have to try.

    I like that parka. It's a look I've never tried, but maybe, someday . . . .

  7. That parka is from New Look?
    I would never have guessed. It's so cute!

  8. oooh must dig out my all saints cd! Thanks for reminding me of them...can't wait to hear it now.


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