Monday, 28 April 2008


Agh it has happened at last!

Wee Birdy has tagged me to reveal six unimportant things about myself. Ok here goes....

1. By complete coincidence I also, like Wee Birdy, hold my pen in a most unorthodox and downright ungainly manner
2. I pulled my back this morning whilst rubbing body lotion on my right leg, so I'm visiting the osteopath at 3:30pm today...
3. I'm currently addicted to the BBC's 'I'd do anything'. My favourite wanabee Nancy is Jodie.
4. I'd be strutting about in my white Gap high waisted sailor trousers if I hadn't done my back in.
5. My literary intake is on the up since joining the local library, my latest loan is Bel Canto by Ann Patchett
6. I love raspberries

In the spirt of tagging I'm opting for...
Dressed and Pressed
Everybody says don't
Coco's Tea Party
Mahalo Fashion
Flashy Shades


  1. I love rasberries too and I love the ladies in your banner, i want to be the one in the middle.
    x francis

  2. THANKS! Love your blog! I'm on to it now....Visit for my 6!

  3. Sorry to hear about your back! I put my neck out yesterday and am in a world of agony, writhing in pain on the sofa today! I understand your pain. Get well soon!
    ps-I love raspberries too.

  4. Nice list of unimportance. Ungainly pen-holding people unite! xx

  5. Hope your back is feeling better. A hot water bottle is always good. x

  6. I did this one on 4/26! Thank you for tagging me. I'm flattered.

    I love raspberries too, AND, I hurt my back also. Nothing as glamorous as rubbing lotion on, though.

  7. So... Make Do, it's only taken me about 2 months to notice that you tagged me! First tag ever and I completely missed it. Typical.

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