Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My latest video

I've just made a video to showcase the work of my MA course. It's not all about me but also my lovely fellow student chums. It will be revised, this is the full length version before the cuts are made. I will also wait for La Belette Rouge to email me with her suggestions for botox for my forehead. I've had a wrinkly forehead since my early twenties - I'm too expressive, but that's all the damage to date!

Just click here to go to the Fashion and Film blog to find out more about the MA outputs, if you've got a spare moment or suffer from insomnia!

PS update - I realise my throw away remark about botox is potentially a sign that I'm considering it. I'm not! La Belette is a big fan of botox and always tells me to get some as a top tip for skincare. I just don't think I'll ever succumb because a) cannot afford it and b) a fringe will do instead!


  1. happy new year my dear. my friend botox every 6 month but i still couldn't do it yet. let me know your experience. xo

  2. How wonderful to work with fashion and film, both exciting subjects.
    Don't worry about the Botox...I'm angry that I put off using it for so long!

  3. I will have to look at it on my other computer as this old wreck of a PC has no speakers.
    Wishing you love, luck, health, wealth and happiness in 2010.

  4. Hi my dear-I will check out your video later on the boys laptop, as I've no audio on this computer!! Check out Susan Penhaligons woes about botox on her forehead (Daily Mail online) I read it yesterday and it would put you off for life, LOL!!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my post, you are a great inspiration for a lot of my posts and it goes without saying one of my favourite bloggers!! Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous 2010 my dear!!

  5. I also suffer from a wrinkly forehead - believe me, yours is not that bad! And I'm with you on the Botox scenario, just say no!

    Happy New Year.

  6. Aha, I was just looking in the mirrow at my forehead thinking the same thing - time for bangs! I just can't bring myself to spend for botox. And will always be kind of scared of it!


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