Monday, 21 December 2009

Dress a blogger for Hanukkah, Christmas, Happy Holiday

Gosh I'm nearly over Christmas! I think I peaked too soon as petit garcon had his little concert last week and once the snowman has sung it seems all over.

We also had to do Christmas Day version 1 yesterday with in-laws as they are off skiing in France. I wore my Christmas Day outfit as snapped minus my head. I had no will to smile, smirk or give the evils. I will wear this again on Christmas Day proper.

Navy blue tunic H&M £24.99
Sequin leggings H&M (August purchase)
Stripy top from Gap (years old) worn underneath tunic.
M&S Autograph blush pink pumps (2 years old)
M&S gold faux Moroccan necklace (4 years old)
Nail varnish - Chanel Vendetta


  1. One of my favourite combos.
    Have a rest and pace yourself - there is still time to feel Christmassy!

  2. Love the sequin leggings, but I have to leave them to the girls!

  3. Hi there-love your Xmas ensemble, a very casual chic outfit, le petit garcon is forever cute too!

  4. What an adorable little snowman! And I'm a fan of headless pictures too... I want the images to be about the clothes, not about me.

    I like your outfit: it looks comfy and stylish. I thought at first you were wearing ballerina flats... either way, they are very cute!

  5. Couture Cookie - they are ballerina flats, I always forget heels are pumps in USA! Like pants are trousers not knickers as in UK.

  6. That little snowman is too cute!
    Love the sequin leggings paired with the blush pink pumps! Your look is very stylish, yet comfortable, perfect for family celebrations.
    Thank you! I can't wait for tomorrow!

  7. i rarely wear flats even with leggings. but i like how you wear your sequined leggings with those pink pumps.

  8. Very nice look! Dressy, but not overly so. And you're sticking to your tried-and-true gallic stripes :-)

  9. Great Christmas looks, both of you! xxxxxx

  10. Petit Garcon looks very cute as a snowman! Loving your Christmas Day outfit. I need some of those sequin leggings. Have a good one!

  11. Love the striped top as a layering piece!


  12. Love our outfit .. looks great !
    I also love to layer stripes I have a favourite long sleeve T that I keep only for that purpose. I also love the sequin leggins have been looking for some (sold out everywhere) to wear with a very short Issa kimono .. that is if I can loose my 7 lbs .. not for Christmas have an occasion in Feb xxx

  13. You look very sweet in this outfit, and the sequin leggings are perfect for Christmas sparkle. Nice. xx

  14. No wonder it's all over for you when that adorable snowman sings! And kudos to your Xmas look, I love the navy w/black sequin leggings.

  15. What's brilliant about this look is the pink shoes. I love it all, but the pink shoes were really unexpected. :)

    Your son is adorable, btw (as if you didn't know!)


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