Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dress a blogger for Hanukkah, Christmas, Happy Holiday

After completing the Masters degree, having given over 18 months of my life to it, my brain has suddenly turned to mush. I'm slowly getting back to some semblance of order but not as organised as usual...so there is a delay in linking the Small Fabric of my Life and the fact she actually got the dress and shoes and compiled a real life version of my suggestion! How fab!

Today's victim is across the ocean and some.... Enc of Observationmode This is a look for the toned and honed! Which means keeping it simple....

Warehouse One shouldered dress reduced to £35 in dark teal

Oasis Bright green round facet stone necklace £18

French Connection Jess shoe reduced to £96 in red

total budget is £149


  1. Love the dress and the necklace! Such a beautiful outfit. x

  2. Loving your series. The outfits you come up with are great and I love how you put it all together. Oh to have a personal shopper... Or wardrobe assistant for the mornings when I'm too tired to think of what I'm wearing :) x

  3. Gorgeous outfit, darling!
    And congrats on finishing your Masters!


  4. Love this necklace very much!


  5. Hi there-the dress is a gorgeous choice and I love those sandals too!! Hurrah on completion of the Masters Degree, well done indeed!

  6. I love love love that dress. Such a great shape and colour.

    Hope you're enjoying the festive period.

  7. Love the simpleness of the dress with those frilly shoes!

  8. Gorgeous outfit I love teal I think its so flattering to most colourings and such a nice alternative to black. I love the style too also flattering. The necklace is lovely and the colour will reflect the teal perfectly.
    The shoes .. well they are fab .. sexy and stylish again I like the colour and the combination with the green.
    Great choice

  9. The french connection ones are great!


  10. Wonderful outfit and congratulations on your Masters Degree.

  11. this is soooo cool!!! i just went "small fabric of my life" - she rocked the look!!!

    sometimes, we just need to give our brain a break, hope you feel more "back-to-life" today :D, xx

  12. i love the dress and the necklace. lovely.

  13. I think that dress would look smashing on the lovely enc!

  14. I adore that necklace. Fabulous holiday look!

  15. Wow, I'm humbled. The fact that you think I'd look great in this is so brilliantly flattering!

    AND, you chose things I would absolutely love to wear.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me, and for spending the time to come up with something I could wear. I wish I had you to put my looks together every single time I set foot outside, Kate.



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