Monday, 12 July 2010

Shop, Style, Bloggers

On my Manchester trip I popped into Selfridges, good fun to check out the bite size version of the London store. And can I say how friendly the staff are. I was in shock. Not only were they friendly, a couple of them asked me where I'd got my jumpsuit from. It is a great store with well presented merchandise and a wonderful mural alongside the escalators. The mural is a celebration of all things Manchester including Morrisey!

Apres my sojourn around the city centre it was back to the hotel for the style event and a lovely evening it was too. I got to meet two Northern bloggers Pearl of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom and Mrs Bossa

We did the shoe pose as we had a riot of colour on our feet. Pearl and I were in Chanel nail varnish wars. I had Riviera on and Pearl was sporting Nouvelle Vague.

Great blogger posing, we have no shame! I loved both Mrs Bossa's and Pearl's outfits and loved meeting them. Nice to have friendly faces in an audience.


  1. I agree you all look amazing .. you are certainly enjoying a social whirl at the moment .. I am quite envious as I sit on my bed with my jack and coke to aid sleep... God I am getting old and turning into my father !!! xx
    Ps Thanks for your comment xx

  2. Kate, your pose is particularly good! Such nice photos - good work, Pearl!

  3. Love that shoe pose! Fabulousness,
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  4. You all look great. Mrs Bossa is right, Kate your pose is really good. Love the shoes too xx

  5. I have to say that you all look fabulous.
    I adore that shoe shot! and I want all those shoes...

  6. I miss Manchester :( Ok, it rains (a lot) but the people are really friendly and it's got a great vibe. Glad you had a good time - loving the orange shoes!

  7. What gorgeous ladies! Loving the image of Morrissey, swoon....

  8. Morrissey!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, now that I said nice to see your lovely meet up. "Oh Manchester, so much to answer for. Edward, see those alluring lights ?" xo

  9. Ah! looks like so much fun. love how colorful everyone's shoes were and i really like Pearl's bracelets. they remind me of Persona bracelets

    keep up the style advice and take care,

  10. Love your orange shoesies and nails Bx

  11. I love the color you all are sporting - beautiful!


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