Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Take a Peek

When you've got a moment click on the Prada website and view their new collection. The trailer and visuals of the collection are wonderful. Makes me miss Mad Men though.


  1. That model looks like Rupert whats his name, sorry I've gone brain dead, I've read his autobiography as well but I just can't remember his surname, oh well it is 6.48am!

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  3. Is it the weight of the sweater that makes it look so bulky? Is that the style? I think I prefer a belted sweater with a lighter weight fabric. Or am I missing out on the trend? Is bulky hot for Fall? Sorry for all the questions!

  4. Looking Fab's right, that model does have a look of Rupert Everett! The skirt's beautfl but that colour sweater looks a bit too scary granny-chic for me.

  5. It is funny how thy granny like style is coming back!
    B* a la Moda


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