Friday, 23 July 2010

Zandra does TK Maxx

If you were wondering what I was doing on Wednesday night well wonder no more. I joined lots of fab peeps at the TK Maxx new store opening on Charing Cross Road. Now I love a TK Maxx and this proved no exception. The store opening was a glam affair with canapes, champers and celebs. The store is getting super organised with a new way of merchandising stock. The Modbox are is an eclectic mix of young trendy fashion items. My personal favourite is the gold area, designer fashion. You would have caught me drooling over Stella, Pucci, Valentino and more. Hanging out with me was Dan from The Feeling (well we were rummaging together). I confessed to him that Mr MDS and I pretend to be Kate Middleton and Prince William when Fill My Little World comes on in the car. For a few minutes we are crazy Sloanes letting it all go wild! Luckily Dan thought this was hilarious and he is an absolute dear. My new bf of the night was Zandra Rhodes, she was having a good old shop and looking as wonderful as ever.

Lots of fashion bloggers were there and in one of the photos below I snapped Tor of Fabfrocks by chance in a crowd shot. Once again I forgot my camera and had to rely on blackberry.

Nice Suit, one to take home

The Dancers dressed up were fabulous

Dancers, Crowd shot and where's Tor!

Zandra puts best foot forward

How wonderful are her shoes!

Pam Hogg chatting with friend


  1. WOW at the shoes! It looks like a nightclub on her feet.

  2. How brilliant, I love Pam Hogg.
    You Londoners have all the fun xxx

  3. I think that I'd have waited for dear old Zandra to try on some shoes and made off with hers! She looks

  4. I'm going to staple a camera to your hand!

  5. Those shoes are too cool!


  6. Love your curiously cloudy photos - very hazy '70s feel, perfectly appropriate for Ms Rhodes. Fab film by the way - go girl! x

  7. I have only been to a TK Maxx once at it was crap, I never found anything unyet I hear all these stories of designer bargains.

  8. How amazing were Zandra's shoes?! Thanks for the mention and lovely to see you again (albeit briefly!) Took me a minute to find myself in that crowd!

  9. Wow-- you totally studied in all the areas I want to pursue. Film -> Fashion. Awesome.

    Those pictures look fun!

  10. Zandra and Pam now I am so gutted I didnt go :-(

  11. fab dress and shoes by the designer.:)
    Tk Maxx is the future :D

  12. Ah! I was supposed to go, it would have been lovely to have met you. Zandra looks great. Those shoes look like Andrew Logan's customised them or something. Did you pick up any bargains? xx


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