Monday, 26 July 2010

A weekend of I, Claudius, dry cleaning and shopping

The historical fiction 'I, Claudius' by Robert Graves is a work of literary genius. However, my friend Louise and mines decision to have a Facebook fiction week does not fall into the same category. Despite being fortunate enough to count a member of the wonderful Graves family as a real friend and my Facebook friend, nothing Louise and I print on our status this week will be worthy of a top 100 place within literature, but it will amuse us.You know how it goes, a few drinks and a few conversations about Facebook stalkers and we came up with fantasy status week. A week where everyday you completely make up your status. Feel free to join in. In the same way that Graves pushed his interpretation of historical accuracy so we will do on our status. Come on what would you rather ' a heap of ironing' or 'off on a Caribbean cruise'?

Talking of ironing, Louise has the best laundry room resplendent with a Miele washing machine and dryer. Moi, envious, hardly! Well, not when I have a wonderful dry cleaner. Yes, my local dry cleaner has saved my Moschino dress. It took him 15 minutes with a very careful light touch to remove the stain. We both concluded this meant it was Coca Cola. Whilst I'm slightly relieved to not have sat in a mad person's urine, I'm really cross someone split coke on seat. I've added Coca Cola to my banned list which currently includes only chewing gum.

The reprieved dress. The material is slightly changed, but in terms of a posterior view from a far, all is restored.

After a splendid Saturday, Sunday was for shopping. As a stylist I avoid shopping unless really necessary. Unfortunately necessity hit. Mr MDS's Nanna died last week at the grand old age of 97 and we both needed funeral attire. I did that thing when I looked in my wardrobe and realised I had nothing to wear. I have 5 black dresses, a Victor & Rolf one which was entirely unsuitable on the grounds of being silk and stylish. A vintage velvet dress that was my mothers, a Zara very heavy wool dress, a Warehouse cotton maxi dress and a really old Oasis dress that is very short. Mr MDS said no to all of them. Unlike my bohemian, liberal, artistic family, he is of good Daily Telegraph and golfing stock.

I am now the proud owner of a lovely Ted Baker suit type dress and a good old M&S cardigan. I felt it was nicely understated Mad Men and would work well with the Prada shoes.

I did however slip off the wagon with a spontaneous purchase. I can't remember the last time I made a spontaneous purchase. All my purchases are planned, thought about and analysed. I found it in M&S (ssssh). It was in a random place and at £15 it seemed a useful bargain. It was the beautiful cobalt blue colour and the pockets that sold it to me. Not sure about the ruffle detail but I'll work it.

It will look perfect on my Caribbean Cruise! And be easy to iron.


  1. So that Cruise status was a lie eh? trust me to fall for it and comment! You minx!

  2. Love the Ted Baker and cardi ensemble xx
    and glad that your dress is ok .. phew !

  3. Fantasy week is a fine idea and one I think I shall embrace myself. Very sorry for your family's loss, but that is a fine dress you have chosen

  4. Sorry to hear your sad news.
    So glad the Moschino was saved, I have left a Chanel jacket with my new dry cleaners and feel slightly nausious ever time I think about it just incase it is ruined, fingers crossed!

  5. Mrs Fab- I know naughty aren't I!

    Pearl - always smooth talk your dry cleaners. I'm very very friendly to mine and take an interest in them and use them regularly. It pays off.
    As for Mr MDS's Nanna she'd been very ill for a year and was very fed up. She never lost her facilities once amazingly sharp at 97 but had lost her sight and her hearing went so all in all blessing really.

  6. So sorry to hear that news, but what a lovely age to reach. Your funeral outfit looks both lovely and appropriate.

  7. Keeping a decent funeral outfit in the wardrobe is something that most of us tend to forget, although it is much appreciated when the need suddenly arises; never nice to do the last minute black dress dash.

    Tha bargainous cobalt dress is lovely

  8. So to hear of Mr MDS's sad loss. The new frock and cardi are both fabulous and I love the cobalt blue of the M&S number.
    Loving the Facebook status idea, some of the girls I went to school with post the most mundane stuff: Harriet got a gold star" or "Off to Tesco" that I'm absolutely dreading the scheduled reunion fearing I may be bored to death.

  9. Condolences!

    P.S. Looooove I, Claudius!

  10. So sorry about your Mr. MDS's Nana. Your new purchases are LOVELY!xo

  11. Sorry to hear about Nanna. On the weekend my grandfather and I were standing in the garden and a neighbour walked past for a chat and asked after Grandma. I burst into tears. It's been 9 weeks since she died and it still is very painful to think about.

  12. I'm sorry for Mr MDS loss - I too went to a funeral recently but thankfully didn't need to make a special wardrobe purchase apart from a black hairband. I bet you were having palpitations in M&S for your impulse top! Blue is your colour x

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  14. I'm really sorry for your Mr MDS's loss. 97 is a fabulous age.

    I love your purchases. They will look fantastic with the Prada shoes. I also found myself eyeing a few pieces in M&S when I popped in to get some food the other day.

    If you ever need to borrow a black dress you can always ask me... at the last count I have 80! Of course they are all COMPLETELY different... xx


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