Friday, 30 July 2010

What I learnt about shoes

Truly a good pair of shoes maketh an outfit. If there are two things you should 'invest' in - a good pair of shoes and a coat. These two items will dress up everything else. I still need a good coat.

Yesterday I wore a M&S black cardigan and a Ted Baker black dress, neither were anything special although the Ted Baker dress is a lovely style and the cardigan felt v. luxe. It was the Prada shoes that made the outfit. I refrained from a photo. It was a funeral after all. Even a blogger wouldn't go that far.


  1. Sorry for your loss x

    I'd also add handbag to your coat and shoes. A good quality handbag (be it new, thrifted or a much-loved one) can make an outfit, especially in the summer.

  2. Totally with you shoes and coats ..passion xx
    Sorry for your loss, funerals are such a great excuse to dress up though xx

  3. Glad you are pleased with your purchase.

  4. Ok so I am now going to print off this post and use it to justify my new shoes LOL! But Kate said I need those Pradas ;-)
    Actually they have been ordered to replace the broken ones, so I am trying not to get excited in case they are the wrong size or some other impending disasster. I was like I dont care how high, court or sling back or what colour just get me a pair of them LOL! Luckily they are used to my neuortic behavior.

    I do agree though, fabulous shoes or bag really make any outfit.

    Regarding funerals I cant remeber which publication it was but they were photographing people going to Lee McQueens funeral and I just couldn't believe it, even for paps that was so disgusting.

  5. Definitely agree that shoes can definitely make an outfit!

    I agree with Pearl's comment above, I wouldn't take an outfit pic before a funeral. Some things are just not right!

  6. I went to a friend's funeral three weeks ago. I had one black dress in my closet. I've now given it away. I don't want to ever see it again.

  7. Yes, a good coat and shoes are wardrobe essenials. Those Prada's are not only pretty, they are sensible.

    Btw peeps, you nailed me for posting the outfit that I wore to a funeral last month. Yes it was a tasteless faux pas.
    My bad.

  8. Hope the day went okay for you. My Grandma always maintained that a good coat should be the mainstay of any woman's wardrobe. Trouble is I've got about twenty of the blighters! xxx

  9. I'll add "always invest in a good hair cut." I don't know why people cheap out there. We can tell!

  10. Those shoes could transform any outfit. No to cheap shoes, coats and hair cuts.
    Perhaps you will wear the ensemble again soon. If so, please take a picture.

  11. shoes and handbag and well yeah coat too make an outfit. i live in the desert in arizona so coats are not a real priority. nice day huh?

  12. Shoes, coats and handbags really do transform a wardrobe!

  13. To that I will add - a good bed!
    I know, I can see you scratching your head, but I read somewhere - 'always spend money on a good bed and a good pair of shoes. if you are not in one, you are in the other'

    (Or in your case M&S looking at cardigans...)


  14. um, I know a blogger who would go that far and further *coughs SEA* ahem.

    I am seriously thinking of Prada eyewear? what do you think? would the fact of the Prada on the face (and you know I love my Jaqui O's) transform H&M childrens wear dress as a top and Zara capri pants?



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